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The epidemiological situation in Spain follows the same line of the last two weeks with slight increases in the indicators.

The cumulative incidence at 14 days rises more than three points compared to yesterday

and stands at 167.97.

Apart from Melilla (459.37) and Ceuta (391.91), which register the highest incidents, the communities with this parameter higher are


(369.63, up six points),


(302.11, up almost 24 points) and

the Basque Country

(279.58, up almost seven points), all of them increasing and

above the maximum risk threshold of 250.

The average cumulative incidence in Spain is

close to 168 points (167.97)

, three more than the previous day.

The communities with the highest incidence are Melilla (459.37), Ceuta (391.91) and Navarra (369.63).

At the other extreme, the communities with the lowest incidence are the



(31.64), the

Balearic Islands



(62.33) and


(67.03), the only ones still below 100. The rest of the regions are seeing their incidence increase at different speeds.

Regarding the seven-day incidence that helps to quickly detect possible changes in the trend, it stands at 77.68, slightly above yesterday (76.23),

although yesterday it had dropped slightly compared to Monday (77, 33),

which indicates a minimal fluctuation within this slightly upward trend that we continue to record.

As for infections, in the last 24 hours Health reports

8,788 new cases

, a figure higher than in previous days, but in the same line as last Wednesday (8,534).

Diagnosed the previous day are 5,309 (highlighting the 2,393 of Madrid followed by the Basque Country with 570).

In total, the number of cases since the start of the pandemic in Spain is



The number of deaths in the last 24 hours

is 126

, a figure in line with the last days.

With death date in the last seven days Health reports 240 people.

In total, since the pandemic began in Spain, 76,037 deaths have been registered.

Care burden, hospitalizations and ICU

Hospitals no longer continue to decongest, on the contrary, for a few days the occupation has been increasing slowly, both in normal beds and in ICU beds


Thus, the percentage of beds occupied by patients with coronavirus in Spain stands at 7.52%

(on Friday, March 26, it reached the lowest figure for this parameter since before the second wave was triggered with 6.09% and from there it started to grow again).

The percentage of intensive care beds (ICU)

is 20.09%

(that same day 26 this percentage was 18.40%, also the lowest figure since before the second wave increased, since October 12 with a 18.19%).

However, h

ay communities above the risk threshold of 25%


This is the case of Madrid (38.01%), Catalonia (37.86%), La Rioja (35.85%) and Melilla (35.29%).

It must be remembered that this percentage reflects only Covid patients, we must add those who occupy ICU beds for other pathologies or interventions, so the degree of real saturation is always greater than that indicated by these figures.

The Autonomous Communities with the lowest occupancy level in ICU, all below 10%, are Galicia (3.21%), Murcia (5.76%), Balearic Islands (6.83%), Valencian Community (7.60%) , that is, the ones with the lowest incidence, the most Extremadura (8.02%).

The number of hospitalizations and ICUs in our hospitals is again on the rise.

To date there are 9,412 patients admitted for Covid.

Of those more than 9,000, 2,442 correspond to Madrid, 2,313 to Catalonia and 1,365 to Andalusia


In the last 24 hours, 735 patients have been admitted (2,089 in the last seven days).

88 patients have been referred to the ICU in the last 24 hours (224 in the last seven days).

Therefore, since the beginning of the pandemic, there are already 334,291 total hospitalized patients and 30,270 total ICU cases.

Contagion ranking

As for Europe, in the ranking of infections since Monday of last week France leads (4,841,308), followed by Russia (4,597,868), United Kingdom (4,364,529), Italy (3,686,707) and fifth Turkey (3,529,601), which overtook Spain in this position last Saturday.

Look at the evolution of Turkey that less than two weeks ago, on March 26, registered 3,091,282 infections

and has added 438,319 cases in 12 days


In sixth place Spain (3,326,736), followed by Germany (2,910,445) and Poland (2,456,709).

Already below two million, Ukraine (1,769,164), Czech Republic (1,555,245) and the Netherlands (1,307,466).

By number of deaths, the United Kingdom continues to occupy the first place with some difference over the rest (126,882).

It is followed by Italy (111,747), Russia (101,106), France (97,301), Germany (77,401) and Spain (76,037).

Regarding AI, the highest figure has been registered since April 3 by Poland (966.1) when it surpassed the Czech Republic (756.5), now third.

The second place is occupied by neighboring France (810.2)

, reason for concern.

They are followed by Sweden (673.7), Turkey (602.8), Netherlands (576.7), Belgium (556.3), Austria (493.4), Ukraine (484.6), Italy (442.5 ) and Romania (361.3) Far behind the best: Portugal (59.9), Russia (85.3) and the United Kingdom (85.9).

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