It is not surprising, of course, to hear that the United States is publicly and behind the scenes discussing the issue of boycotting the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing (the official reason is the violation of the rights of the Uyghurs).

First, it is always interesting to make a throw-in and look at the resonance.

Well, how will the US NATO allies respond and it will be possible to force the whole world with their leading position?

In this sense, the American establishment does not even think about the fact that it is not worth humiliating for years the very allies whom you call to boycott.

Second, the United States must fight China even more actively than Russia.

Squeeze the Celestial Empire out of the maximum number of markets to take its place.

To become a hegemon in Southeast Asia again - the Japanese, unfortunately, like the Germans, since 1945 have not been able to restore their mental sovereignty from the United States.

Well, what to use for this hybrid war is completely irrelevant.

The protection of human rights manifested by the United States makes me laugh: let's first resolve the issue with the Indians, then we will restore the rights of the black and Hispanic population, we will no longer cover up hypocrisy with a rainbow flag - there are, after all, much more pressing problems.

Maybe we can finally close Guantanamo?

Will we return Cuba to its territory?

Or, like real mnogostanochniki, will we continue to strangle the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Syrians, citizens of Venezuela and Nicaragua?

Long ago, the Olympic Games were a symbol of the struggle of progressive humanity for peace.

Remember, even wars stopped for this time.

But sport is a sublimation of war.

Instead of hitting the face, people began to chase the ball, and throw the spear and arrows at a distance and at a target, and not at living human bodies.

China, which has officially proven its worth, has received the right from the IOC and is preparing for the Olympics with might and main.

With his inherent meticulousness and perseverance.

It is clear that, like Russia, the Chinese will not put their faces in the mud.

The modernization of facilities built for the 2008 Summer Olympics and the construction of new ones are billions of dollars.

Especially when you consider that China is by no means a northern country.

And now, a year before the main winter sporting event in the world, such a stuffing takes place.

For almost 100 years, various political forces (remember the Nazi regime) have been using the Olympic Games as a tool for solving their problems.

But, as the experience of boycotting the Games shows, this did not lead to any positive results.

The stories of the two boycotts that took place are very revealing.

Representatives of 64 different countries did not attend the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

The boycott of the 1984 Olympics, held in Los Angeles, was supported by all countries of the socialist camp.

Later, this gesture was called a symmetrical response.

There were no winners in this confrontation, and the losers were the athletes who could not get to the Olympic Games.

Can we imagine that Sasha Trusova will be deprived of the chance to win?


And the victory without the participation of the same Riki Kihira is not so sweet.

There was only one plus: those two boycotts allowed the IOC to decide on harsh punishment of the national Olympic committees for such demarches.

They will be excluded from the IOC and will not be able to participate in the next Olympic Games.

Severe and natural.

My position is equal to the position of any sane person: if someone boycotts the Olympics, then he is undermining the idea born of the Olympic movement.

And, of course, it shows its true face.

More precisely (God, I even joke to write this funny), the animal grin of capitalism.

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