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Features of the hero

Youssef Al-Ahmad

twitter: @yousif_alahmed

April 08, 2021

We are about to approach the last chapter of the league scene, which is experiencing an important stage of his career that is not without hot excitement and feverish competition at the top and bottom of the pyramid, as everyone is waiting for what the remaining rounds will reveal that will determine the identity of the hero and his runner-up, and then the file of survivors of landing and departures will be closed to Amateur and Parachute League.

The intensity of the competition in the lead area and the fluctuations of the results revealed the features of the expected champion of the tournament, who has become almost confined to each of the Al-Jazira and Baniyas teams, after they were alone on the competition ground, so they exchanged the front chair in comparison to the gains of their results and the stumbling of their pursuers at some stations, which made the bet badge To their stadiums, waiting for the decisive decisive station, which will determine the eligibility of one of them to wear the hero's bisht and carry the shield to celebrate and enjoy the sweetness of winning it, as each side served itself and worked hard to avoid falls and losses, based on the confrontations that they did not neglect with their eagerness to reap the largest yield from the points that strengthened the difference With their rivals, then she removed whoever was in front of them, paving the way for the two sides to share the field and the contest and pursuit become a dabbling duo, whose secret will be the focus and calm that the observers consider as the final word that might oust one of them and give the other the title.

There is no doubt that the Bani Yas team drew attention, capturing the approval and admiration of the followers who have monitored its ascending path since its inception, as it lives the peak of its glamor and distinction from its other colleagues through the level and high performance that it provided with the presence of a distinguished elite of local and professional players under the leadership of Romanian Isela, His artistic imprint on the team was evident after he was able to create a homogeneous mentally and physically match that performs its roles effectively and efficiently, and also exploited the capabilities and capabilities available to employ them according to a methodology that ensured him tweeting far away and flying in the heart of the struggle for the championship title.

On the other hand, the bottom area is experiencing a state of anxiety and tension due to fears of sliding into the abyss of decline, especially as the sides of the Bottom Triangle are struggling to break the survival barrier and reach the perimeter of safety and peace that will ensure one of them survives and continues another season with the professionals.

Despite the difficult position of the people of Hatta, the disengagement race will intensify between the Fujairah and Ajman teams in the remainder of the rounds compared to the fortunes of the Hatta team, as they have the advantage of possessing the survival card, but on the condition that what pleads with and commends the kidnapping of that card by achieving victories in the remaining confrontations for them, and this It means that each point will be worth its price in gold, especially since the loss is not compensated, and their weapons will be to exploit the available papers to get the maximum outcome of the points that will favor one of them over the other and will work to ensure his presence among the adults.

• Baniyas team drew attention, gaining the approval and admiration of its followers.

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