At 10 o'clock in the morning of April 7, Shanghai Longjing Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. occurred during the water leakage treatment operation above the calcium carbide slag slurry tank of the Huasu Company's thermal power plant in Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.

This is an environmental protection facility used in thermal power plants to adsorb sulfur dioxide.

  The accident caused 6 workers to fall from the top of a tank with a height of about 5 meters and a diameter of more than 2 meters. One person died on the spot, and five people died after being sent to the hospital.

  According to the Emergency Management Bureau of Dingyuan County, Anhui Province, the local government established six special teams for emergency response and entered the scene of the accident to investigate and deal with it.

In addition, the Department of Emergency Management of Anhui Province has also organized experts to investigate the cause of the accident.

  According to the local government, the company involved, Huasu Co., Ltd. owns several branch plants, including a cement plant, a thermal power plant, and a chlor-alkali plant.

According to relevant regulations, the company involved has been required to suspend business for rectification.

  In addition, Chuzhou City in Anhui Province also stated that it will carry out a large-scale inspection of production safety throughout the city to draw inferences from one another to prevent similar accidents from recurring.

  (CCTV reporter Wang Ning Ge Qiwen)