The daily temperature difference is widening as much as the spring energy is full.

Currently, the temperature in most regions departs similar to yesterday's (7th) morning, and in the daytime, the temperature across the country rises to around 20 degrees Celsius, and it will be full of warmth today.

However, you should take good care of your health during the wider daily temperature difference.

Even today, the skies across the country will be clearly visible, and in the morning, dust will only accumulate in Jeollabuk-do and Gwangju, and the air will flow smoothly.

However, the atmosphere is getting dry in sunny weather.

Construction warnings have been issued in some games and in many parts of the country.

Currently, there are places where it rains slightly in the east coast of Gangwon and Uljin, Gyeongbuk, and most of this rain will end in the morning.

Early next week, there is a rain forecast all over the country.

(Ahn Soo-jin, weather caster)