The father was unable to pay the fees for the second semester

"Hind" needs 16 thousand dirhams to continue her university studies

(Abu Hind) is unable to pay 16 thousand dirhams for the university fees for his daughter (Hind), who studies at the College of Health Sciences at Gulf Medical University in Ajman, and suffers from her inability to complete her university education for this year, as her goal has become to become a laboratory doctor, just a dream. In the event that the costs of university fees are not met for her, because she will completely stop continuing her studies.

Abu Hend, 50, an Egyptian, told Emirates Today that he came to the country several years ago and is still living in it, because he feels that it has become his second home, explaining that he works for a government agency in the Emirate of Ajman, and his children were born and completed their educational journey. In state schools.

He added that his eldest daughter (Hind) finished high school in 2020, and got an average of 87% in the scientific section, and she was one of the outstanding students in the study, and since her childhood she dreamed of becoming a laboratory doctor, and after she obtained a high school diploma with distinction, she chose a college Health Sciences at Gulf Medical University in Ajman.

(Abu Hend) explained that when he chose Gulf Medical University, his financial condition was good, and he was able to pay tuition fees without problems, but in the recent period his financial situation worsened, and debts accumulated on his shoulders, and he became completely unable to pay the costs of the second semester for his daughter.

He added that his daughter needs 16 thousand dirhams, in order to be able to complete the second university semester, and he is completely unable to pay even a fraction of the university fees, and he feels sorry for his daughter's condition, after her dream is in the wind.

(Abu Hind) indicated that his family consists of six members, and he is the sole breadwinner for it, and he works for a government agency in Ajman, with a salary of 8,000 dirhams, and he has 4000 dirhams in monthly bank installments, and he pays 2000 dirhams for the rental of the house, and the rest of the salary barely meets the requirements of daily life .

He mentioned that he tried to knock on all doors in search of a way out of his problem, but to no avail, and currently he does not know how to get out of the impasse, appealing to good people to help him in light of the difficult circumstances that he is going through, and to help him pay university fees for his daughter, so that she can continue her university studies, And her dream of becoming a laboratory doctor came true.

University statements

The statements issued by the Gulf Medical University in Ajman confirmed that the student is registered with the university since the spring semester of the academic year 2020/2021, in the Medical Laboratories Department of the College of Health Sciences at the university, and she is still continuing her studies, and she completed the first semester with a grade of "good".


“Hind” studies medicine at the College of Health Sciences at “Gulf University” in Ajman.