One of the oldest American copies of the Super Mario Bros game, designed for Nintendo's NES console, sold for a record price of 558,488 euros.

Still in its original packaging, this 1986 set is the fourth copy produced in the United States, auction house Heritage Auctions said. 

558,488 euros.

This is the price at which an original copy of the Super Mario Bros video game was sold at an American auction organized by Heritage Auctions.

This rare piece, dating from 1986, still in its plastic packaging, was found by an American in an old drawer.

And it broke a record thirty-five years after its creation: that of the highest selling price in history for a video game.

The fourth copy produced in the United States

This is almost four times more than the previous one: 156,000 dollars or 132,006, disbursed in November 2019 for a copy of another game, Super Mario Bros 3. For the classic Super Mario Bros, the latest records date from July 2020 with 114,000 dollars (96,470 euros) and February 2019 with 100,150 dollars (84,750 euros).

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The Nintendo video game, adapted for the NES console, was sold in its protective box.

This is the oldest copy ever sold by Heritage Auctions.

It is even the fourth copy of the game produced in the United States.

A great find, therefore, which makes everyone want to dig into the treasures of their attic.