In line with the spring national traffic safety campaign that began on the 6th, at an elementary school in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Chief of Police Minoru Saito instructed new first-year students on how to cross the pedestrian crossing correctly.

Approximately 80 new first-year students who had just completed the entrance ceremony and their parents gathered in the schoolyard of Yotsuya 6th Elementary School in Shinjuku Ward, which was the venue.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Chief Saito called for the first promise to cross the road: cross the pedestrian crossing, check the traffic lights, and look right and left.

After this, the children immediately headed for the nearby intersection, raised their hands energetically and crossed the pedestrian crossing while observing the precautions.

Kouki Yamada (6), a new first-year student, said, "I was taught to raise my hand and look left and right. Be careful not to get into an accident."

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there were a total of 310 accidents involving elementary school students walking in Tokyo last year, and two people have died.

During the spring national traffic safety campaign, the Metropolitan Police Department will promote various initiatives with an emphasis on ensuring the safety of pedestrians, including children.