The YouTube channel Garrosero Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Ka Se-yeon) raised several suspicions toward Park Soo-hong, who is in conflict with his brother.

Kim Yong-ho of Ga Se-yeon insisted on a live broadcast today (5th) that "Park Soo-hong's girlfriend born in 1993 made this operation. She was really good at storytelling and completely incited the public."

"The cat's name is Dahong, but it was named after her girlfriend's name and Park Soo-hong. Park Soo-hong left the agency he was originally with, and established a personal agency, and that agency's name is Dahongirang Entertainment."

Se-eui Kim said, "It is said that he did not become a representative because he ate Park Soo-hong. It is said that Park Soo-hong's brother raised four members of the potato bones (Kim Guk-jin, Kim Yong-man, Kim Su-yong, and Park Su-hong)," said Park Soo-hong's argument.

Kim Yong-ho introduced Park Soo-hong's girlfriend as an announcer wannabe, and said, "I took the exam several times and said that I had run out. I know there are no other jobs other than that."

He added, "There is a lot of talk about her parents' opposition to that woman. But, since I brought the girl I met at the club to marry in a month, I'm sure you're not against it," he added.

In addition, it also raised suspicions of Park Soo-hong's tax evasion and undercover employment.

In the past, Park Soo-hong had been working under the guise of his brother's wedding company in order to pay less health insurance premiums.

Kim Yong-ho said, "At the time, Park Soo-hong's net income was 650 million won, so he had to pay a maximum health insurance premium of 1.4 million won, but only 50,000 won." Yes. Park Soo-hong received it in 2008. I checked it myself and that’s correct,” he emphasized.

In addition, he made a stupid claim, "I could expose Park Soo-hong's private life. I was with him at Park Soo-hong's birthday party. I don't know how many women Park Soo-hong met and how many times he had abortions. You just have to think that I know everything." Continued.

The opinions of netizens were also mixed with the shocking and stimulating arguments of Gase-yeon.

There were a lot of comments asking for comments and evidences expressing concerns about the revelation of craziness.

Earlier, Ka Se-yeon argued that "Park Soo-hong is not as good as the public thinks. Emotional arm is well designed," even at the time when the conflict between Park Soo-hong and his brother's profit distribution arose.

Park Soo-hong said that after establishing a management corporation from 30 years ago to last July, it decided to distribute the profits at a certain percentage, but the brothers and sisters did not observe this.

It also added that the company's funds were privately exploited and partially embezzled, and circumstances such as failure to settle contribution fees and transfer of various taxes and expenses were also captured.

On the 5th, Park Soo-hong's legal representative filed a complaint with the Seoul West District Prosecutors' Office on charges of violating the law (embezzlement) regarding aggravated punishment for specific economic crimes against his brother and inmate.

Park Soo-hong's hyung denied most of Park Soo-hong's arguments, and foreshadowed a face-to-face response.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)