Martien and Erica Meiland have bought a villa in Noordwijk for almost 2.7 million euros, according to the purchase deed in the Land Registry that


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Stories about the purchase of the villa have been going on for some time.

The document shows that the deed of purchase for the villa was signed on February 18.

The asking price for the house was 2,695,000 euros and the buyers paid that too.

Martien and Erica Meiland buy the house from Niels van den Berg, the drummer from Kensington.

The villa is 327 square meters in size and was renovated a few years ago.

Earlier, daughter Maxime Meiland and her boyfriend Leroy already bought a house in Noordwijk.

Erica Meiland informed at the beginning of January that the family can no longer stay in the current home.

Problems had arisen with the zoning plan of the municipality of Bronckhorst for their farmhouse.

The Meiland family announced that they wanted to return to the Noordwijk area, where they originally come from and where daughter Montana Meiland has a shop.

The family previously ran a bed and breakfast in France and returned to the Netherlands last summer due to homesickness.