China News Service, April 6th. Today, China’s first Rocket Army theme drama "The Trumpeter is in Place" was officially announced, and it will be "fired out" on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Youku on April 13.

The official release of the full lineup of posters and the "Youth is Fire" version of the trailer simultaneously.

"The Trumpeter is in Place" poster.

  The TV series "The Trumpeter In Place" tells the story of Xia Zhuo (Li Yifeng), Ouyang Jun (Chen Xingxu), Lin Anbang (Duan Bowen), Yi Zimeng (Dong Chunhui) and other college students who will join the Chinese Rocket Army by chance. The dual tempering of body and spirit eventually grows and transforms into a story of "Ace Trumpeter".

  The trailer for the "Youth Is Fire" version, which is fixedly exposed, shows that the drama mainly focuses on the growth of contemporary college students after joining the military camp. Not only the Rocket Army has a hard life in the training camp and standby warehouse, but also the life of comrades-in-arms intertwined with laughter and tears. daily.

  In the full lineup poster of "The Trumpeter in Place", there are 14 people including Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Xinyu, Xiao Yang, Duan Bowen, Dong Chunhui, Yu Zhen, Yu Bo, Wang Daqi, Jiang Tong, Fan Lei, Chunyu Shanshan, Zhu Lingwu, Du Juan, etc. The "soldiers" of the Chinese Rocket Army are fully armed.

  According to reports, the play was previously selected as a playlist for the TV series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the list of special fund script support projects for the 2020 TV series guidance and support.