A riot has started in Sri Lanka around a beauty pageant for married women.

Winner Pushpika De Silva had to hand in her crown just minutes after she was crowned the most beautiful married woman in the country because she would be divorced.

The present Mrs.

World, Caroline Jurie, immediately took the crown from her.

Jurie was present at the beauty pageant because she herself is also from Sri Lanka.

The top model placed the headgear at number two in the election.

According to Jurie, it was her responsibility to crown the right winner.

De Silva has announced that he will go to court because of the events.

According to the elected Mrs.

Sri Lanka she would not be officially divorced, but she only lives separately from her husband.

In addition, De Silva states that after the controversial evening in the hospital she had to be treated on her head, because the 'coronation' would have been too rough.

A brawl would also have broken out behind the scenes after the election.