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  • Good face effect makeup: the products you need (and how to use them)

We predict that this spring,

sun powder

will be more in demand than ever.


Holy Week

is the time par excellence of hitting the beach for the

first time -for those who do not enjoy in their places of residence, to

embark on the terraces

in good company, to take long walks in nature ...

And, all this, with the sun in between, which, well protected, that always gives us the first

good color of the year

on our faces.

And, although this year mobility is greater than in the past around this time, when either you looked out

of the window or balcony,

or zero tan,

the beach for many is far

and the little color, because of the mask, too.

So, if we want

a face with a

healthy spring


, we have to go to the brush, yes, to the sun powders.

Luckily, with some expert indications, sun powder is an artificial resource that replicates

a very successful tan.

It is only necessary to take into account some premises of

how to choose the right ones

and the correct way to apply them.

Above all, you have to find the appropriate color that 'raises' the natural tone of the skin without looking like we have been in a tropical paradise for six months - hopefully.

The ideal is one that is

a shade or two above

that of the face, says

make-up artist Cristina Lobato.

If the face is excessively white, it is preferable to choose very light and somewhat satiny formulas in corals or peaches.

Medium or dark skin types can go for

sand or matte browns.

They also favor

iridescent finishes a



especially on a base that is already slightly tanned, in ocher or gold tones, as Lobato adds.


applying the sun powder,

first, get

a good brush,

the big, rounded and with a lot of 'hair', to be able to deposit and blend the product in a light way, covering a lot of surface.

Nothing to apply the sun powders

with the fingertips,

which can be done with the blush, because the key is that they are well integrated in different areas of the face.

In fact, in general, sun powders are applied where the rays usually strike naturally: the hairline, cheeks and temples, perhaps also

on the nasal septum ...

To simulate a natural and flattering tan, "begin by applying the powder

in the center of the forehead,

between the arch of the brow and the brow; in the area of ​​the cheeks, towards the ear in a subtle and straight line; on the chin, the neck and, finally, in the central area of ​​the neckline ", suggests Cristina Lobato.

You can also follow

the pattern of 3,

which consists of 'drawing' in a subtle way, with the brush loaded, without passing us - tap on the hand to unload it a bit before attacking the face - a three on the face: It begins from the middle of the forehead, where the hair is born, and the face is caressed with the brush near the hairline

to the cheekbones,

where the bone is highlighted, to return to the jaw and finish the chin (repeated on the other side of the face).

All that remains is to choose the sun powders that you like the most, and to get a tan.

Here we leave a small selection at good prices.

Maybelline City Bronzer

Maybelline City Bronzer.

Tanning powders enriched with

cocoa extract-

based pigments

that reproduce a light and natural tan.

They are available in

three shades

to suit any face base color.

They work both to leave a naturally tanned finish and to enhance the contours of the face.

They come in a powdery texture with

a matte finish.

You can buy them here for 7.83 euros.

Kate Sculpting Palette from Rimmel London

Kate Sculpting Palette from Rimmel London.

A three-in-one palette that includes

blush, highlighter and sun powder,

all in powder texture.

Each part can be used alone or combined for a perfectly worked, natural-looking skin with good color.

In this case, the sun powders would be applied as we have mentioned;

the highlighter would go on the high bone of the cheekbone, tear and nasal septum, for example, and the blush would serve to add

a pinkish point

in the center of the cheek.

You can buy them here for 4.95 euros (final price with a 33% discount applied)

NYX Matte Bronzer Bronzing Powder

NYX Matte Bronzer Bronzing Powder.

Bronzing powder

for face in a compact format and with a matte finish.

They are available in five shades, to be able to choose the most appropriate one.

It is presented in a formula that provides a

perfect and velvety

golden tone


They can also be applied on the body: on the neckline,

neck, and arms

if necessary, they blend very easily.

You can buy them here for 8.90 euros.

Delice De Poudre de Bourjois

Delice De Poudre de Bourjois.

With a fun chocolate bar format (which

smells like that

) and a smooth and light texture, these sun powders achieve a radiant and natural tone.

The formula is

subtly iridescent,

enhanced with gold particles, which bring light without leaving unwanted shine.

They can also be applied to

the neckline.

You can buy them here for 13 euros.

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