• Warning for lazy people: riding an electric bike burns more calories than doing it on a normal bike

Watch out for the rear!

Showing off

perfect buttocks

is something that feels good to both our figure and our health.

Because to work this area of ​​the body there is a star exercise, the


, which in addition to being easy is among the best in any fitness routine.



is one of the exercises that, well executed, achieves the most benefits in our body in terms of health and aesthetics," says an expert in the field, personal trainer

Crys Díaz

, physiotherapist and collaborator of LPG.

And, among its benefits, the


can also be attributed the merit of being "the best exercise with which to start using the

elastic bands

", adds Crys, "an exceptional method to increase the workload of the lower body and


" .

That is to say, the best kept secret of a tall and firm ass, but not only, in addition "the


help us to


and work the strength, so necessary to change the percentage of our body composition, and have less fat and more muscle" says the coach.

"With them we increase the intensity of the exercises that we are executing and promote the activation of the


, with which we do a synergistic work where we strengthen the

legs and buttocks

, but also, at the same time, the



Reason enough to



rubber bands

, but there's more.

"With the

rubber bands

, more calories are burned during a workout because we increase the intensity," explains

Crys Díaz


"As we demand from the body a greater activation of very large muscles, we achieve greater perfusion and pulse rise, and in this way we also increase our caloric expenditure".

Overall, incorporating

elastic bands

into our fitness routines only has advantages, for the


and for the rest of our body.

But how do we start those of us who have never used them? We asked the expert.

"The ideal is to choose a

pack of three intensities

, light, medium and strong, so that we will adapt the level of our muscle group to the intensity of the


, and we will progressively increase, trying to achieve the greatest number of exercises with high intensity At the moment in which we execute any exercise and we notice that it is not difficult for us or that we finish the


, both in time interval and in


, too easily, we will have to increase the intensity of the


with which we are working ", Crys responds.

The personal trainer Crys Díaz, physiotherapist and collaborator of LPG.

21 days to see results


the exercises are more effective

with the help of

elastic bands

, the results also come sooner.

"Although it will depend on our level and our objectives, if we work three or four days a week, as recommended by the

World Health Organization

- which establishes doing 30-40 minutes of physical activity daily or taking 10,000 steps to maintain a few optimal health levels-, in 21 days we will have acquired the habit and from the month we will notice it, "says Crys, who has proposed

short 30-35 minute routines that include




, in a few square meters,

together with


simply with the



How to do squats with bands

Using the bands to do


has its technique and following it is essential for the exercise to be effective.

The best thing is "to place the rubber band on top of the knees and perform the


with the feet facing forward, the legs wide apart and managing our breathing while we extend our legs, squeeze the


and tuck in the


", explains

Crys Díaz .

It is very important to know that "we must place them above the knee joints", warns the coach, "and that we must always maintain the tension on the tires, so that the knees are separated, without putting them in a cross or putting them inwards. When we go down we must control the movement, and it is at the moment of the ascent where we have to release the air while activating the


and squeezing the


to increase speed and explosiveness in the rising phase of the


. "

And one last tip: "The


must be kept straight and the arms in front of our chest, with the hands interlocked to maintain a correct technical execution. If we want to increase the difficulty even more, we can also incorporate some



Crys Díaz, trainer and physiotherapist.

Other exercises with bands

Once we are encouraged to use the rubber bands in the


, we can incorporate them into other exercises to make them more effective.

For example, "in the opening of the arms with the

rubber bands

between the hands, or even in quadrupeds to increase the intensity of the



", explains Crys.

"We can also put them between the legs, below the knees, when we do a plank, to increase the

core work

and at the same time do a synergistic work with the


and the tensor fascia lata, which is one of the muscles -in the upper and lateral part of the thigh - we always want to work in a more powerful way, to

protect the lumbar area

and for aesthetics ", concludes the expert.

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