It is an atmosphere that the controversy over school violence of Lee Ga-heun, a performer of Channel A'Heart Signal 3', is reigniting.

On the 2nd, the Sports Trend reported that Lee Ga-heun changed the crime name against Mr. A, who raised the suspicion of school violence at the time, on charges of defamation caused by'timely facts' rather than'timely facts'.

He added that the trial is also in progress as a'factly and timely defamation charge'.

In the legal profession, "when it comes to'timely facts', it means that Lee Ga-heun admitted that he was abusive." .

The media added that the fact that he was charged with defamation in a timely manner is that it is a fact that it is true that it is true, but that fact is known and that it is the purpose of punishment for Lee Ga-heun's reputation as being degraded.”

Earlier, Lee Ga-heon through a legal representative last year The suspicion of “defamation of false facts.”

Accordingly, the investigative agency conducted a reference investigation of a number of people, including other victims who claimed to have suffered abuse by Lee Ga-heun at the time. It is known that it was concluded that it was difficult to see.

Then, Ga-Hun Lee refuted that he had never admitted to being abusive.

YK (YK), a law firm, said in an official position on the 3rd, "The media reports that Lee Ga-heun admitted that he was abused during the complaint process is completely untrue." Said.

Lee Ga-heun sued a netizen who posted last year's abusive revelation for defamation in a timely manner.

In this regard, YK explained, "The prosecution judged that it was virtually impossible to reveal whether the contents were false or true only with the statements of teachers and friends, because there were no objective data such as videos because the accused's abusive period was more than 10 years ago." .

The prosecution said, "Even if the respondent's post is not proved false, considering the contents of the conversation between the respondent and Ga-heun Lee for more than 10 years, there is no public purpose in the act of posting the respondent's writing, and the purpose of slander is not. "Because of this, it was judged that punishment was necessary," he added. "For this, the accused was actually prosecuted for defamation in a timely manner."

He emphasized that "The fact that the Respondent has been accused of defamation in a timely manner is only to severely punish the irresponsible act of defaming the reputation of others for the purpose of slander, and based on this, the contents of the Respondent's writing should not be regarded as true." did.

In addition, he argued, "Lee Ga-heun still emphasizes that the allegation of abuse is false as a written representation through an agent and a pleading in court. Rather, the accused several times agreed to Lee Ga-heon and asked him to drop the complaint."

YK said, "As Lee Ga-heun did not respond to his request, the respondent is making groundless claims through the media again before the sentence of the court." Sex reports and malicious comments will take a tough legal response,” he said.

Ga-heun Lee, a student at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at a university in Seoul, made a public appearance by appearing in'Heart Signal' last year.

At the same time, a suspicion of abusing was raised and controversial arose.

At the time, Mr. A, who was said to be Lee Ga-heun's alumni, revealed that “Lee Ga-heun led the school violence during his international school days in China.”

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Ji-hye Kim)