Beds are beginning to tighten in various parts of the world amid concerns about the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection.

Hyogo Prefecture is the most serious "Stage 4" index of the government subcommittee, and 20 prefectures are "Stage 3".

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the national average of the usage rate of inpatients in the maximum number of beds that can be secured was 22.7% as of the 30th of last month, which is 2.9 points worse than the previous week.

The highest rate was 60.1% in Hyogo prefecture, up 13.5 points, which is an index shown by the government subcommittee as a guide, exceeding 50% of the most serious "stage 4".

In addition, 20 prefectures exceeded 20% of the “Stage 3” index, which could seriously hinder the medical care provision system.

Of these,

▽ Fukushima prefecture is 47.1%,

▽ Okinawa prefecture is 43.4%,

▽ Yamagata prefecture is 42.3%,

▽ Nara prefecture is 41.9%,

▽ Osaka prefecture is 38.2%,

▽ Miyagi prefecture is 35.8%,

▽ Tochigi prefecture is 33.5%. ,

▽ Chiba prefecture 32.7%,

▽ Saitama prefecture 31.6%,

▽ Fukuoka prefecture 27.5%,

▽ Mie prefecture 26.5%,

▽ Tokyo metropolitan area 24.7%,

▽ Hokkaido 23.4%,

▽ Wakayama prefecture 22.8%,

▽ Kyoto prefecture is 22.3%,

▽ Ehime prefecture is 21.9%,

▽ Tochigi prefecture is 21.5%,

▽ Niigata prefecture is 21.3%,

▽ Nagano prefecture is 21.2%,

▽ Gunma prefecture is 20.3%


▽ Especially worsened was Nara prefecture, which exceeded the previous week by 22.8 points,

▽ Tokushima prefecture also 22 points,

▽ Wakayama prefecture 12 points,

▽ Yamagata prefecture

increased by

10.4 points,

▽ Okinawa prefecture

increased by

10.1 points


An expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said, "The number of reports of mutant viruses is increasing in some areas, and there is a possibility that the infection will spread rapidly even in areas where the infection has been suppressed. It is necessary to proceed with preparations such as securing the virus. "