Recently, in Jilin Jiutai Wetland Provincial Nature Reserve, more than 2,000 Hooded cranes and tens of thousands of wild ducks waited for the birds to arrive as scheduled, stopping for food in the wetlands where the ice and snow had first melted.

  Hooded cranes are China's national first-level protected wild animals, and currently there are less than 10,000 in the world. They are included in the "World Conservation Union Red List of Endangered Species" and "China Red Book of Endangered Animals".

  Hooded cranes have good living habits. They spend a lot of time every day combing their feathers to ensure "tidy clothes." They are covered with gray feathers, their heads and necks are white scarf, they walk gracefully and fly gracefully.

(Reporter Zhang Yao, correspondent Zhao Lengbing and Li Yuean)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]