The SPD politician and health expert Karl Lauterbach writes on "Twitter" that in the case of the coronavirus mutation B.1.1.7, the source of the infection can usually not be identified.

This suggests that even fleeting contact with infected people is enough to become infected.

He is therefore in favor of a tougher lockdown than last year.

In addition, the infection doctor Helmut Fickenscher believes that federal intervention is foreseeable in view of the sharply increasing corona numbers in Germany and the attitude of some countries.

"For Germany as a whole, I see a need for action," said the President of the German Association for Combating Virus Diseases of the German Press Agency.

"The big warning calls are not really wrong." Chancellor Angela Merkel had stated that she was thinking about clearer guidelines for the countries.

They won't watch until there are 100,000 new infections a day.

The legally required containment of the infection process has not been achieved.

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