The France Televisions grid is a little upset: Capitaine Marleau goes from France 3 to France 2 where we will follow his adventures on Friday and Alex Hugo, the Wednesday night investigator on France 2 is now announced on Saturday on France 3. Changes explained by the success of these regionalized thrillers.

Anne Holmes, director of national fiction for France Televisions, was on Europe 1 on Friday to discuss it.

Captain Marleau, Murders in


 Alex Hugo

, these are the signature series of France Télévisions.

These regionalized thrillers are the success of the fictions of public channels.

Nearly 5 million viewers follow the adventures of the investigators live and between 600,000 and 800,000 per episodes in replay.

The director of the national fiction of France Televisions, Anne Holmes, was the guest of Philippe Vandel in

Cultures-Médias on


She detailed these successes.

Visit the French regions

Breathtaking French landscapes backdrop of mysterious murders.

Here is the magic formula of the telefilms and series of France 2 and France 3. The evenings of weekends, it was formerly the preserve of the program

Des roots et des vents.

So by imagining the thrillers scheduled today, France Télévisions wished to keep this wandering spirit.

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"The original idea was to take viewers to visit regions of France with their customs and local legends," says Anne Holmes, citing Murders in Saint-Malo where the intrigue is mixed with pirates.

And in any good thriller, it seems necessary "to learn something", she slips.

Before adding: "this is how we met the public".

Realistic detective series

Viewers are even almost part of these series.

They can directly identify with the fictional protagonists.

Anne Holmes even argues that "each viewer may wonder what he would have done in the place of the characters".

The murderers in the series are not extravagant.

"They kill for very human motives: jealousy, greed, revenge ..." continues the director of national fiction of France Televisions.

It is the anti-American series: a disturbing realism is put forward.

"It's kind of an escape!"

Like Alex Hugo, the star investigator of the eponymous program created by crime fiction writers Nicolas Tackian and Franck Thilliez.

Like Captain Marleau of Corinne Masiero who is now moving to France 2 on Friday evening, Alex Hugo arrives at France 3 to occupy the evening of Saturday.

A coherent transfer for this investigator camped by Samuel Le Bihan who officiates in the middle of the mountains.

“It's kind of an escape!” Exclaims Anne Holmes.

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These promising programs are not about to end.

Two next shootings of Meurtres à have already been made:

Meurtres à Blois

with Olivier Marchal and Anne Charrier then

Meurtres dans les Îles du Frioul

with Francis Huster.

At the same time, France Télévisions seeks to diversify these fictional themes with fantastic projects and others in specific universes "such as cabarets or fashion", announces Anne Holmes.

“Every night you have to surprise,” she concludes.