Talent Hiroiki Ariyoshi and free announcer Miku Natsume announced that they were married on the 1st.

Hiroiki Ariyoshi (46) and Miku Natsume (36) announced their autographed comments tonight and reported that they were married on the 1st.

Among them, Mr. Ariyoshi said, "In the future, we will work together to build a calm and happy family. I want to do my best to make everyone who is indebted to laugh more than ever. I'm thinking. "

In addition, Mr. Natsume said, "I am very happy and happy to be married to Mr. Ariyoshi. The time I spent with the staff and co-stars is an irreplaceable experience for me and I will never forget it. Thank you very much. "

Mr. Ariyoshi has become popular in commercial TV variety shows as a comedy combination "Saruganseki", and even after the combination was disbanded, he has been active mainly in television, such as appearing regularly on many TV programs.

On the other hand, after serving as an announcer on NTV, Natsume has been a free announcer since 2011 and is the moderator of news programs.