, Beijing, April 2nd. Title: From "I Need" to "I Love": Personalized Chinese "New Staff"

  Author Ma Shuai Sha Yingni

  "Post-00" finishing division stacks 300,000 pieces of clothes a year", "Snail powder smells stinky and makes one million pieces per year", "crayfish peeler peels one piece in 4 seconds as soon as possible"... In the past two years, the job market There have been many "unbelievable" but "reasonable" occupations.

  There are "officially stamped" carbon emission managers, drinkers, Internet marketers, and "self-proclaimed" toy repairers, shrimp tasters, pet bakers... It can be said that you can find them for almost any need Benchmarking occupations.

  How did the new profession emerge?

Who are the people in the new profession?

Is the barrier to entry for new careers high?

This may be the doubt of many people.

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New business formats and new demands give birth to new professions

  According to the "Report on New Business Types and New Professional Practitioners in the Life Service Industry in 2020" released by the Meituan Research Institute, from 2016 to 2019, the transaction volume of new business forms on the Meituan platform increased by 2.7 times, reaching 483.74 billion yuan in 2019. There are more than 70 new professions bred by new business formats.

  Changes in lifestyle and social life have driven the development of new careers.

  The popularity of star reasoning reality shows has stimulated the popularity of "script killing" among young people.

According to the data from Tianyan Check, there will be more than 3100 new "script-killing" related companies in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 63%.

This has also led to the emergence of new professions such as "Script Kill" screenwriters, DMs (hosts), publishers, and professional players.

  "Post-90s" Hunan "Script Kill" screenwriter Anai believes that many young people now lack the time and energy to run their own social circles, and "Script Kill" allows players to achieve short-term social interaction without burdens. At the same time, "Script Kill" The immersive new life experience can help players release stress, vent their emotions, and even realize their dreams.

"This year's'emotional book' is very popular, because everyone hopes to cry in it."

  When it comes to the subject of the next screenplay, Anai is very excited.

According to her, there are now many "blind date" players. "Playing "Script Kill" is more effective than blind date. Relatives and matchmaking companies introduce people who do not know the basics, and two people who are willing to spend money to play "Script Kill", at least Consumption outlook and literary orientation will not be too far apart. Players can quickly understand each other’s personality and behavior style through a few hours of story interpretation."

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Diversified and personalized needs to create new careers

  The diversification and individualization of consumer demand has created a number of new occupations in different consumer fields.

For example, "cat sucking" and "dog-sucking" have become the daily lives of many young people and elderly people living alone, and the family status of "hairy kids" is rising day by day.

  The "Guangzhou Pet Consumption Survey Report" issued by the Guangzhou Consumer Council pointed out that among the 2000 pet owners randomly surveyed, the post-80s and post-90s pet owners accounted for 85%.

Other data show that in 2020, the number of pet dogs and cats in my country's urban areas will exceed 100 million, and the scale of the consumer market will reach 206.5 billion yuan.

  Pet medical treatment, pet school, pet boarding, pet grooming, etc. have become commonplace in the pet economic industry chain.

Now pet funerals have also entered the public eye.

  Li Chao, a pet funeral director, said that once the daughter of a customer asked her father after the death of a pet, why people can be cremated and why pets can't.

  Li Chao's pet funeral shop "Chong Mu" founded in Beijing in 2015 has served more than 5,000 dead pets.

"Every year, customers travel far and wide to send their dead pets from Guizhou, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and other places to our store for funeral and cremation." Li Chao, a pet funeral director, said that the demand for proper handling of pets after their deaths is increasing.

  With the listing of the commercial giant Bubble Mart, more and more people are exposed to the concepts of "fashion play" and "blind box", which also makes fashionable play designer a popular profession.

Born in 1995, Beijing Chaowan designer "Yomaru Vepar" has been in this industry for only a year, and now he has the IP of "Master of the Station". He has a sense of professional accomplishment and decided to go down this path.

  "Fishball Vepar" has been fond of monster series since childhood, fascinated by Godzilla's original setting, and especially fond of Sofubi toys.

The so-called Sofubi is a soft rubber material, which is the Japanese name of the toy material "SoftVinyl" in English.

Generally, the production process of "rubber enamel" and "oil furnace" is used. Liquid raw materials are added to the made copper material model. After heating and cooling, the molding becomes hollow soft rubber, and then the designer can paint according to his own ideas It's colored.

In the 1960s, Japan's Maruzo Corporation released the world's first soft toy Godzilla.

After this successful attempt, Sofubi became a common material for monster character toys in Japanese special dramas (such as "Ultraman").

  Although the audience is not very wide, this kind of monster play in a trendy fashion, but still has its own small circle, "Fishball Vepar" also has its own fan base.

  From sculpture, modelling, modeling, painting, color matching... It is not easy to complete an original toy. From the initial paper design to a three-dimensional sculpture, there will be countless modifications. Going to the factory to open a mold is a very expensive expense. At present, his "Master of the web" has launched five series, and he is building a new series that will be launched soon. The difference between each series is the difference in painting and color matching. .

  Because it is a hobby of a small circle, each series of "Fish Ball Vepar" generally only has about 8 finished products, which is a veritable "limited edition", and the price is about 900 to 1,000 yuan. about.

Since there are only 5 "Bone Station Masters" he created, they have been robbed by fans even in the pre-sale stage.

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Be a "soul" new staff

  The emergence and development of new occupations is not only a reflection of consumption upgrades, but also a portrayal of the pursuit of life values ​​by "new professionals".

  As a new professional blender, Mengmeng is a "post-90s" girl from Linfen, Shanxi. She joined a branded tea chain store with a friend a year ago.

"We have a lot of our own ideas, but it is difficult to realize them under the unified rules and regulations of franchise stores."

  A few months ago, these young people founded their own original brand store "Xianxian Tea".

For this new store, they went to work during the day and made preparations at night, and spent more than a week preparing nearly 20 new drinks.

“When we are developing new products, we may drink dozens of drinks a day, and often drink it until the mouth can’t taste the taste, just like eating bayberry when we were a child and eating sore teeth. When we are busiest, we often come to the store with our eyes open in the morning. Until 11 o'clock in the evening to go home."

  Mengmeng said that although it is hard work, it is something that everyone likes. "Before I started this job, I especially liked to drink a variety of drinks. I often ordered 4 cups of takeout, and I changed the drink alone."

In the past, Mengmeng was like a vagrant who didn't know her own life direction. It was this small shop that allowed her to find the value in life and get rid of her bad habits.

  Anai used to be a film and television screenwriter. She had a lot of troubles before the first "Script Killing" work "Pears" landed.

In addition to the scripted story, the screenwriter must estimate the player's behavior as much as possible, so as to set the mechanism rules to guide the player along the established story line.

As a result, her first work "Pear Pears" has gone through more than a dozen tests and two months of repeated revisions before it finally landed.

  But this job made her feel the joy of creative freedom.

"The author has expressed her desire for creativity, and the players have satisfied their desire for performance. This is a particularly positive kind of mutual giving." Anai said that when she saw players immersed in the role and crying, she also hoped to make up for them. Regrets in reality give players a new understanding of life.

  Li Chao once worked in a media company, and the shock of the death of a pet made him decide to join the pet funeral industry.

The job of a pet funeral director needs to be online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sometimes when I receive a phone call from the pet owner in the early morning, I hear the other party crying on the phone without knowing the whole story.

Li Chao said, “Our job content is very special. If we don’t like pets from the heart, it’s hard to stick to it.”

  However, he believes, “In the past, the daily work was always repeated mechanically, but now I am facing lively and emotional people every day. What I hear is the story between customers and pets. We meet the world The greatest kindness, and when we can give back the same kindness, we feel that work is valuable from the heart. Many customers later became friends with us. We all need each other and help each other."

  When it comes to the future, these new professionals are full of confidence.

Mengmeng said that although there are pressures from industry competition, it is not only branded tea that tastes good. Drinks made with heart can be felt by everyone.

  "With the expansion of the industry, the future depends on content and quality, and the content is good. Anai also said that now the "script killing" props and scenery have been made more refined. For example, some prop lights can directly emit lightning and thunder. The effect instantly filled the atmosphere.

  Li Chao believes that there are now a huge number of pet dogs and cats in China's cities and towns, and proper handling of dead pets is necessary from the perspectives of emotions, social environment, and disease control risks.

  "Being recognized by my peers and fans gave me a great sense of professional accomplishment, and I really like these trendy games, and my parents are also very open-minded and support my choice." "Fishball Vepar" said.

  Where the heart goes, where it goes.

The most dazzling light in the world is not only the appearance of hitting the workers, but also the spiritual enrichment gained by the new workers with their love and devotion.