[Explanation] A tank of dyeing juice, a piece of cloth, and the colors flow slowly...In the Dyeing Art Institute of Lanzhou Jiaotong University, the floor of this "modern dyeing workshop" is full of pots and jars of various sizes.

The director, Guan Lansheng, was born in a family of traditional dyeing workshops, and is now a teacher of the clothing design department in the university. He has inherited his skills for more than 30 years. He has innovated modern elements and made the art of dyeing on the ancient Silk Road "Nirvana rebirth".

  In the past, people's understanding of dyeing valerian was mostly on a piece of white cloth, and through tying, the dyed large areas repeated similar patterns.

Guan Lansheng’s innovation lies in the creation of large-scale dyed and valerian painting scrolls, so that the artistic conception of Chinese painting, the colors of Western paintings, and the ancient dyeing and valerian techniques are three-dimensionally integrated into the work. The folds of the silk reveal a patchwork of beauty.

The artistic conception when viewing from a distance makes it hard to imagine that this is dyed with dyes.

  [Concurrent] Guan Lansheng, Director of the Institute of Dyeing Art, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

  The materials used are also made of mineral dyes that are native to our Gansu province. The orange one is made of realgar, and some of our gems are used. Finally, the whole over-dyed is made of our Gansu walnut peel. Add some pomegranate peel for dyeing.

The most important thing about this work is that it uses some methods of pulling out. This traditional craftsman in ancient China is very clever, not only adding but also subtracting, and subtracting is also used in this work, especially the brightest part, it After it was dyed, the color was pulled out, so this work felt colorful.

  [Explanation] He told reporters that the preciousness and difficulty of this innovative large-format dyed work is that it cannot be copied.

In ordinary dyeing and production, most of them have routines to follow, but in this kind of work, the inexhaustible details will affect the final presentation effect, and the slightest difference is a thousand miles away.

  [Concurrent] Guan Lansheng, Director of the Institute of Dyeing Art, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

  Because in this solution, the furnace temperature, concentration, humidity, and density of the solution we are talking about will affect the presentation of this work, so this work cannot be copied. We copied it many times, and we couldn't copy it again. .

  [Explanation] Guan Lansheng said that at first, this ancient silk road dyeing technique was regarded as a small technique for carving insects, and it was very cold.

Through years of sorting, excavating, and innovative research on the dyeing technique, the blueprint for inheriting this technique on the verge of being lost has become clearer.

Today, his works and his apprentices have been sold to more than 10 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, India, Singapore, and Malaysia.

  Reporter Gao Ying Cui Lin reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

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