It was confirmed that pigs raised in pig farms in Nara City were infected with the infectious disease CSF = classical swine fever in pigs.

The prefecture has decided to dispose of 1,100 pigs from this pig farm.

According to Nara Prefecture, on the 29th, a pig farm in Nara City reported that "the number of dead pigs is increasing", and when three pigs in this pig farm were examined by a national inspection agency, the infectious disease CSF of pigs and pigs It means that the infection with fever was confirmed.

The outbreak of classical swine fever has been confirmed at pig farms in Nara Prefecture since 1958.

The prefecture has decided to dispose of all pigs in this pig farm, about 1100, and to distribute slaked lime for disinfection to all pig farms in the prefecture.

On the other hand, at pig farms in Nara prefecture, pigs are vaccinated and there are no restrictions on shipping or movement at nearby pig farms.

Takashi Sugiyama, director of the "Food and Agriculture Promotion Department" in Nara Prefecture, said, "Classical swine fever does not infect humans, and infected pork is not distributed in the market. I want you to consume it without worry. "

Is the pig that moved to the pig farm in Osaka infected?

Regarding the confirmation of infectious disease CSF and classical swine fever in pig farms in Nara City, Osaka Prefecture said that 31 pigs that moved from this pig farm to a pig farm in Osaka City may be infected. I decided to dispose of it.

According to Osaka Prefecture, these pigs were moved from the pig farm in Nara City on the 28th of this month, so we will start work from the morning of the 31st.