China News Service, Hong Kong, March 31. Hong Kong Customs announced on the 31st that the customs seized about 54 kilograms of suspected cocaine and about 700 grams of suspected crack cocaine in Saigon on March 29, with an estimated market value of about 73 million Hong Kong dollars.

  On the evening of the 29th, Customs carried out an anti-drug investigation in Saigon. A 25-year-old man was intercepted and found a small amount of suspected crack cocaine on his body, and about 2 kilograms of suspected cocaine was found in two paper bags he was holding, and he was immediately arrested.

Customs officers later escorted the arrested man to a residential unit in the district and seized approximately 52 kilograms of suspected cocaine and approximately 620 grams of suspected crack cocaine, as well as a batch of drug manufacturing and packaging tools.

  The Customs reminded that according to the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, trafficking in dangerous drugs is a serious crime. Once convicted, the maximum penalty is a fine of HK$5 million and life imprisonment.