A 89-year-old former female employee of life insurance giant Dai-ichi Life is said to have deceived more than 1.9 billion yen from a customer, and it is clear that the company will individually determine the amount of damage and then compensate for the entire amount. I made it.

Last year, Dai-ichi Life revealed a problem that an 89-year-old former female employee who worked at a base in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, offered a fictitious transaction to a customer and cheated money, and the company's investigation revealed that it was damaged. There were 24 customers, and the total damage amounted to more than 1.95 billion yen.

Due to this problem, Dai-ichi Life has paid 30% of the damage amount on behalf of former employees, but President Seiji Inagaki held a joint meeting such as the Liberal Democratic Party's financial research meeting held on the 31st, and the customer's After determining the amount of damage individually, it was revealed that the entire amount will be compensated.

On top of that, the former employees will continue to be required to pay the full amount.

After the meeting, President Inagaki told reporters, "I'm really sorry for the victims. We will deal with each and every one of them in good faith."