Climb the cable bridge in a simulated battlefield environment.

In late March, a psychological anti-stress training was underway in a psychological anti-stress training venue of an air defense brigade of the 71st Army.

"Assault team members are injured, immediately carry out battlefield rescue!" As soon as they broke through the first line of defense, the officers and soldiers received instructions and immediately began rescue training in a simulated scene filled with a strong "war flavor".

"Training in a realistic battlefield environment, trainees may experience physical rigidity, slow movements, or even nausea and vomiting. We will follow up and guide through the intelligent system to help officers and soldiers overcome psychological obstacles." Looking at the display control screen in real time. The training organizer told reporters about the returned psychological data of participating officers and soldiers.

Temper the courage and dare to "bright sword".

In order to help officers and soldiers to strengthen their psychological quality, obtain a "pass" on the battlefield, and strive to build a basic-level psychological service guarantee system that integrates psychological consultation, training, and diagnosis and treatment.

Among them, there are not only the "Mind Post" for psychological consultation, emotional catharsis, and physical and mental debugging, and there are also venues for psychological stress training in battlefield environments such as beach landings and jungle secrets.

The brigade leaders said that the use of scientific and technological means to carry out psychological services and training has effectively strengthened the bloody nature of officers and soldiers to march forward bravely and defeat the enemy.

Reporter Chen Li's special correspondent Wang Lei and Xue Weigao's photographic report Photo source: China Military Network

Release time: 2021-03-31 11:19:35 【Editor: Yang Yanyu】