7 billion neighbors, school on the radio - Sarah Wauquiez's class, multiplications and divisions

Lesson on multiplication and division © iStock / Graphic Studio France Médias Monde

By: Emmanuelle Bastide

23 mins

For two weeks (vacation for some) our daily company show turns into a classroom.

Language, reading, writing, problems, geometry ... A teacher will teach your children about one of the fundamental skills.

In the second part of the program, find an episode of the Survival Guide for Resourcefuls, a scientific podcast, produced by Radio-Canada, OHdio, to learn how the world around us works. 


First part

 : the class of 

Sarah Wauquiez

, co-author of 

The open-air school (Éditions de la Salamandre). 


the multiplications and divisions 

Materials: sheets, pencil, eraser. 

For 6-7 year olds

: add 20 objects (pebbles, seeds, small cut-out papers ...) 

For 8-10 year olds

: add 100 objects  

Part Two


The Hustlers Survival Guide

- Episode 3 - 

Surviving a Storm: Can a Storm or a Hurricane be Prevented? 

Whether we like it or not, we will always be at the mercy of bad weather.

But how do you manage to see more extreme phenomena coming, such as snowstorms, torrential rains or even tornadoes and hurricanes?

Raphaëlle and Massi look at our tools to better predict them and what to do when the sky seems to fall on our heads. 

ep03_Tempete_Survival Guide_VFA_2020-10-20

Find here all the episodes in full of the Survival Guide of the Hustlers

Musical programming 

Featherweight heart - Hervé

TKN (taken) - Rosalia ft.

Travis Scott


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