Zhang Yimou's first spy war blockbuster directed by "Above the Cliff" released the "Ambush on Ten Sides" version of the trailer, exposing many highlights of the movie.

The trailer uses Ice City as the game, intertwining the two major suspense of the enemy's "Ghost" and the "Secret Operation" of the Utla team, which is exciting and exciting.

The film breaks away from the shackles of general genres and focuses on "people". The two groups of good and evil are fighting against each other, and the game of human nature behind it is vividly displayed.

The film will be screened nationwide on April 30th, May 1st stage, due to starring He Wei, Zhang Yi, Qin Hailu, Zhu Yawen, Liu Haocun, Ni Dahong, and Li Naiwen, starring Yu Ailei, Feifan, and specially invited starring Lei Jiayin and Sha Yi. Advance screening will start on April 24th and April 29th.

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]