After the lockdown, it will not be possible to view the Rolling Stone exhibition in the Groninger Museum.

The exhibition will be available until April 18.

After that, however, the exhibition must go to a museum in Marseille, a spokesperson said.

The exhibition, which attracted great interest immediately after its opening at the end of 2019, had to close in March 2020 due to the corona crisis.

The museum was temporarily open in the summer and autumn, but the new lockdown has already been running for four months.

The chance that the museum will be able to receive new visitors before April 18 seems small given the increasing number of infections.

In total, only twenty thousand people were able to see the collection in the museum.

The Groninger Museum wanted to try to keep the exhibition longer at home.

The exhibition, in which more than four hundred original objects from the collection of the Stones are on view, can be seen online.