It starts with the same question, whether you are looking for a new bike at a specialist dealer or on the Internet: What type of cyclist are you, what will you need your bike for?

How important is design, how important are technical innovations, how important is price?

Here we want to help you find the bike that best suits your needs.

But be careful: If you want to secure a special bike this year, you have to be prepared for waiting times.

Dealers are already reporting that many bikes will be sold out by autumn - and must be pre-ordered.

Appointments for the workshop are also not always easy to get.

Everyday cyclist

Your bike should be chic and easy to handle with no great extras that you won't be using anyway.

It is much more important that it is convenient and low-maintenance, because that saves time and money.

You like to travel long distances, but the bike should still fit in the S-Bahn in case you want to save a few meters.

Don't let bad weather put you off - what is rainwear for?

You don't need the hottest brand, you need a reliable bike for every day with a bell, mudguard and luggage rack: easy to use, practical, safe, comfortable.

The curved handlebars on the Dutch bike ensure a comfortable upright sitting position.

An alternative to this is the city bike, which differs in the seating position and often has more than 3-7 gears.

If you want more ease on inclines: With an electric bike you are prepared for every road and every path - no matter how stubborn.

The Gazelle Classic 7-speed Dutch bike is the ideal all-purpose bike

Source: Gazelle

Dutch bike from Gazelle, from 600 euros (buy similar bike here) *

The Tecnobike Colore 28 as an inexpensive city bike

Source: Tecnobike


City bike from Tecnobike, from 380 euros (buy similar bike from Milord Bikes here) *

The California Roll C2 from Sushi-Bikes is the entry-level model among all-purpose bikes with electric drive

Source: Sushi Bikes

E-bike from Sushi-Bikes, from 999 euros (buy here) *


You never miss a Tour de France on TV.

In the city you hang out everything that moves on the bike path.

Speed ​​and a light bike are therefore particularly important to you.

But they also like to drive out into the surrounding area for long distances.

Appearance is not the most important thing?

It should still have a cool design and small technical finesse.

With a racing bike, you can show the world that quality doesn't always have to be modern: for example, you can rely on the vintage classic from Peugeot, which you found used and in good condition.

In nature and when traveling, you are good on your mountain bike - off-road, of course.

That's why the following applies to you: just one bike?

Probably one for every occasion!

With an agile BMX bike you can prove to yourself: age is not a number!

You could trick and jump even before instructions were posted on YouTube.

Tour de France classic: Peugeot racing bike, here an anniversary model from 1982



Racing bike from Peugeot, used from 300 euros (buy here) *

Forest and meadow wheels for experts: the Canyon Spectral 29 CF 9

Source: Canyon

Mountain bike from Canyon, from 5,200 euros (buy here) *

Smart Box: The LEGION by Mongoose

Source: Mongoose

BMX from Mongoose, from 270 euros (buy similar bike from Collective Bikes here) *



What is important to you is the impression you make on the road.

Your bike is also a statement.

The design is your first criterion to be met.

Chic and yet comfortable is the ideal combination if you take the bike out for a change.

When it comes to gadgets and other extras, you are of the opinion that not knowing is better than not having.

If you want to be independent, rental bikes like those from Swapfiets are the right choice, which are available throughout Germany including maintenance for a monthly fee.

If you value technical innovations and sophisticated design: Some electric bikes offer integrated theft protection, automatic gear shifting and extras such as hydraulic brake systems or an app that connects bike and smartphone.

If you like it more chilled, you might like e-fatbikes: basically Harleys with pedals.

Order in an app, set off: Swapfiets' e-rental bike

Source: Swapfiets.com

Swapfiets rental bike, from 16.90 euros / month (buy here) *

The VanMoof X3 convinces with special technical details

Source: VanMoof

VanMoof e-bike, around 2,000 euros (buy here) *

The E-Fatbike UNI Bobber for town and country by Urban Drivestyle

Source: Urban Drivestyle

E-Fatbike from Urban Drivestyle, around 2,800 euros (buy here) *

Transport fan

For environmental reasons alone, the car is out of the question for you, so your bike not only has to transport you yourself, it also has to carry at least a load of up to 80 kg.

A comfortable journey is therefore particularly important.

With a tricycle you can easily take half the cycle path, but you can easily bring your shopping or a box of water home.

For a family excursion into the countryside, properly fasten children and dogs to the cargo bike.

With the e-bike, thanks to special extensions, you can transport up to 200 kilograms from A to B on the extended luggage rack, at the front or with a trailer.

There is even space for up to two child seats and a surfboard on the luggage rack.

Spacer with trunk: The Pfau-Tec Elegance is the sedan among three-wheelers

Source: pfautec

Tricycle from Pauf-Tec, around 1,600 euros (buy here) *

For children and shopping: the Babboe Big-E is one of the most popular cargo bikes

Source: Babboe

Cargo bike from Babboe, around 2,500 euros (buy similar bike from E-Donkey here) *

The all-rounder: Benno Boost-E 10D CX

Source: PR


Benno cargo bike, around 4,400 euros (buy here) *

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