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Beijing officially entered the spring on March 22, 8 days earlier than usual

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It's officially spring!

Riding on this week's "heating up express" in the central and eastern regions, Beijing has finally stepped into the "gate" of spring in the meteorological sense.

Today (March 30), the Beijing Meteorological Observatory announced that Beijing has officially entered the spring on March 22, which is later than last year's spring (March 15), but it is still 8 days earlier than the same period of the year.

  According to the monitoring of the Observatory of the Beijing Representative Station of Meteorological Observation, on March 22 this year, the Beijing area has successfully entered the spring in the sense of meteorology.

According to the “Climate Season Division” of the Meteorological Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China: the 5-day moving average temperature is calculated based on the current year’s temperature series to form a moving average temperature sequence. When the moving average temperature sequence is greater than or equal to 10°C for 5 consecutive days, the corresponding The first date in the current year's temperature series that is greater than or equal to 10°C is regarded as the starting date of spring. If the starting date of the initial judgment is more than 15 days earlier than normal, a second judgment of the starting date is required.

  According to the previous situation, the moving average temperature of 5 consecutive days from March 24 to March 28 was greater than 10℃. Based on this, find the first date in the temperature series that is greater than or equal to 10℃. On March 22, the daily average temperature at Beijing Observatory was greater than 10°C.

Therefore, March 22 is the spring day for Beijing this year, 8 days earlier than normal.

  Around March 15th last year, the temperature in Beijing soared all the way, "flying", sending Beijing into the "gate" of spring smoothly, half a month earlier than the same period in previous years.

This year, due to the frequent influence of cold air in the early period, the temperature in Beijing fluctuates greatly. It was not until March 22 that the temperature became "stable". Therefore, the spring date was about a week later than last year, but it was still compared with the same period of normal years. Too early.

  On the past Sunday, Beijing once again experienced strong winds and dust weather. PM10 concentration soared and visibility dropped significantly. However, the high winds had little effect on temperature. The highest temperature in most areas was still above 15°C.

According to forecasts, in the next few days, Beijing will be dominated by cloudy and sunny weather. The maximum temperature during the day will remain around 20°C or above. The warm sun will be accompanied by spring, which can be said to be a very suitable scene.

  However, it is worth noting that it is the turn of winter and spring. It is warm and cold at first, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. When the public enjoys the warm sun in spring, don't forget to go out in the morning and evening to add clothes and do a good job of "spring covering".