(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Hong Kong relaxes some epidemic prevention measures and vaccination can replace regular inspections in designated industries

  China News Service, Hong Kong, March 29 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The Director of the Food and Health Bureau (Food Sanitation Bureau) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Chen Zhaoshi, held a press conference on the 29th to announce the relaxation of some epidemic prevention measures, including the reopening of public and private swimming pools, and relaxation of theaters. The maximum number of people in theme parks and theme parks is up to 75% of the capacity, and regular inspections in designated industries can be replaced by vaccination.

  From April 1, the SAR government will conditionally resume some social distancing measures: all public and private swimming pools will reopen, and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will open public beaches in phases; theaters, performance venues, and two theme parks The upper limit of the number of people will be increased to 75% of the capacity of the venue.

  The remaining social distancing measures will continue to be extended for 14 days until April 14.

Chen Zhaoshi pointed out that the anti-epidemic work has reached a critical moment. If the epidemic is slightly relaxed during the upcoming Easter holiday, the epidemic will rebound at any time. Therefore, all social distancing and immigration control measures are unconditionally and significantly relaxed.

  As for the restrictions and arrangements for people arriving in Hong Kong, Chen Zhaoshi said that the SAR government will remove the restrictions on people who have stayed in the UK from boarding and entering Hong Kong. At the same time, the SAR government is discussing with airlines to arrange to be in Hong Kong in late April. Hong Kong residents in the United Kingdom returned to Hong Kong from the United Kingdom on designated flights, and concentrated in designated hotels for 21 days after returning to Hong Kong.

  She also said that from low-risk areas including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, the hotel quarantine time can be reduced from 21 to 14 days, plus 7 days of self-monitoring and testing on the 19th day of arrival in Hong Kong; from medium-risk areas For those arriving in Hong Kong, if they have been vaccinated, the hotel quarantine time can be reduced to 14 days. They also need to self-monitor for 7 days and be tested on the 19th day of arrival in Hong Kong; for those arriving from high-risk areas, maintain hotel quarantine for 21 days s arrangement.

  Chen Zhaoshi said that the "Easy Return to Hong Kong" program has been operating smoothly since its launch and has not brought additional risks to the Hong Kong epidemic.

The SAR government will study the expansion of the "Easy-Hong Kong" program, including allowing all Hong Kong residents from the Mainland who return to Hong Kong via the airport to return to Hong Kong through the "Easy-Hong Kong" program.

  Chen Zhaoshi emphasized that vaccination is the top priority of the anti-epidemic strategy.

In order to encourage more citizens to vaccinate as soon as possible, the SAR government will gradually include the completion of the vaccination (that is, 14 days after the second dose is completed) into various anti-epidemic policies.

  She mentioned that for the catering premises that provide evening meals and the listed premises that are allowed to resume business, employees need to be tested every 14 days. If the relevant person completes the vaccination, they will be deemed to meet the regular testing requirements, that is, they are no longer needed. Check regularly. The relevant arrangements will also apply to the relevant restrictions on teaching staff and construction industry practitioners. (Finish)