The female blue shark washed up on the Var beach.

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Nicolas Mourcel / Phocaean Shark Study Group

A female shark stranded on a beach in the Var.

The Marseille shark study group was called on Sunday morning after the carcass of a 2.75-meter female blue shark was discovered on a beach in Giens, in the Var.

An autopsy was performed, “it revealed that the shark had died of internal bleeding as a result of accidental capture.

We found a hook.

The fisherman must have been good enough to put the fish back in the water, but it was already too late, ”explains Nicolas Ziani, head of this Marseille study group.

It is not a pollution phenomenon.

On the contrary, the presence of these animals, harmless to humans since they only eat fish, testifies to the good quality of the water.

Do not touch the animal

The municipal services and the municipal police of Hyères intervened to secure the scene, as well as several organizations such as the Port-Cros and Porquerolles National Park, the National Stranding Network and Mwanga Vagabonde.

In case of discovery of stranded animals, it is imperative to warn the local authorities as well as the phocean shark study group at this email address:, or at

Nicolas Ziani specifies that it is important not to touch the animal, and to respect the safety instructions.


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