[Explanation] "Squirrel" made with lard and flour, "Autumn Chrysanthemum" made with chicken breast...On March 29, the 2021 China Innovation and Traditional Chinese Cooking Competition kicked off in Shanghai, from all over China Dozens of chefs presented a realistic version of the "God of Cooking" contest to the audience.

  This competition adopts two types of competitions: on-site production and culinary art creation display. This is the first time that the "cooking art creation display" link has been added to the official Chinese culinary art competition.

According to Yan Sheng, a judge of the competition and a certification judge of the World Chef Federation, because China's catering culture is different from that of other countries, "Chinese food" rarely participated in international competitions in the past.

In order to adapt to the rules and to be in line with international standards, this culinary art competition not only innovated in the competition system, but also "integrated Chinese and Western elements" as one of the players' scoring standards.

  For example, the additional "Cooking Art Creation Show" link in this competition not only tests the skills and craftsmanship of the contestants, but also depends on the contestants' "gluing technique", and sees whether the contestants can use glue to preserve the dishes when they are freshly baked. Perfect state".

  [Concurrent] Yan Pan, Certification Judge of the World Federation of Chefs

  For example, the Olympic Games, it has a display of cold dishes, tests the (cooking) skills of the contestants, and most importantly, the skills of gluing.

(Previous Chinese food competitions) Our Chinese dishes are not glued, you know?

But this kind of cold dish display is to show all the hot and cold dishes, which must be glued.

  [Explanation] The continuous innovation of cheese, cheese, chocolate... Chinese food has made many Western ingredients gradually enter the Chinese food table. Contestant Yan Han told reporters that his entries used a lot of Western ingredients to make the dishes taste better. rich.

  [Concurrent] Contestant Yan Han

  For this dish, we used some crab meat with some creative ingredients, such as artichokes from the West, to match this dish, with some ricotta cheese, to make this dish more balanced and richer in taste.

  [Explanation] Ren Song, the person in charge of a cheese manufacturer, said that cheese is very suitable for adding to Chinese food stuffing products and cold dressing products. Nowadays, more and more Chinese customers have joined the company's "supplier list."

  [Concurrent] Ren Song, person in charge of a cheese manufacturer

  Now we also have some Chinese food customers, and now we see that there will be more and more, and the direction of our efforts is to let cheese enter the Chinese food, which is a very broad market.

  [Explanation] The innovative dishes that combine Chinese and Western also made many audiences shine.

  [Concurrent] Audience Mr. Wang

  After all, the times are advancing, and we have to incorporate some innovative things like the original intention of this game, but we still need to maintain the tradition.

I hope that our Chinese chefs will develop better and better.

  Reporter Xu Mingrui from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]