On the afternoon of the 28th, the Japan Coast Guard reported that a four-seater fishing boat had capsized off the coast of Minamitane Town, Kagoshima Prefecture, and the whereabouts of the 60-year-old captain and the 33-year-old crew are unknown.

The Japan Coast Guard is searching for patrol boats and helicopters.

According to the Tanegashima Maritime Security Office in Kagoshima Prefecture, before 1:00 pm on the 28th, off the coast of Takezaki Beach in Kukinaga, Minamitane Town, "A fishing boat on which four people were on board capsized about four hours ago, and the whereabouts of the two are unknown. I received a report from the crew's family.

The missing ones are the captain of a 60-year-old man and the 33-year-old male crew member of the fishing boat "Misaki Maru" belonging to the Tanegashima Fisheries Cooperative.

The remaining two are male crew members in their twenties, and both of them went up to the land on their own and were not injured.

The capsized fishing boat is a 9.1-ton small fishing boat that catches the fry "mojako" for the first time, and it is said that this fishing boat is currently capsized at a visible distance from the Takezaki coast.

The Kagoshima Maritime Security Department has dispatched two patrol boats and a helicopter to the sea area at the site to search for the two who are missing.

The movement of the fishing boat on the day

According to the Tanegashima Fisheries Cooperative, to which the capsized fishing boat "Misaki Maru" belongs, the sea was rough on the 28th, so mojako fishing was not carried out.

Misaki Maru was anchored at Takezaki Port in Minamitane Town until the morning of the 28th, and then capsized on the way to the north.

According to the people involved in the fishery cooperative, it seems that they were heading to Kumano Port in Nakatane Town, which is located on the north side.

Wave warning in the sea area

According to the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory, a wave warning was issued in the sea area near the site, and it was expected that a strong wind of 3 meters in height and 15 meters from the southwest would blow.