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A young Jochem

It is impossible to imagine, but Jochem Myjer was once unknown and a lot less popular.

In 1998 he played in Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam and the only newspaper that posted a review could not particularly appreciate Myjer's performance.

"Myjer's timing is completely lacking and his song rhyme is as crooked as a hoop," the reviewer wrote, according to the comedian.

"I think he should focus on finishing his biology degree."

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Simon wants more vulnerability

Simon Keizer wants people to be more vulnerable on Instagram.

According to the singer from Volendam, that happens too little, because 'the perfect picture' is the standard, he writes on the social medium on Friday.

According to him, the solution lies in showing a fairer image, as he himself has done more often recently.

For example, he posted a series of 'Instagram vs.

reality ', a trend in which two photos of the same moment are shared, but one is posed and the other gives a fairer and often less charming image.

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Frans Duijts is happy with his name.

The name Frans Duijts has led to many jokes, but the singer is not at all concerned with that, he tells the

AD on



"The advantage is that people immediately remember your name. I don't care, I like humor. As long as it is respected."

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Elton John cuts cake for 74th birthday

The singer celebrates his birthday with his three "

wonderful boys

", ie his husband David Furnish and their two children Elijah and Zachary.

"What could be better?"

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Olcay Gulsen crawls

into a hospital bed

with Ruud de Wild

Even in a hospital bed, Gulsen finds it cozy with De Wild, who underwent a second operation for colon cancer.

"When I asked him how his day was, he replied: super nice. How then? Ten minutes later I realized that it was the morphine that was still running off with him."

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Tabitha and daughter are doing well

Singer Tabitha gave birth to a daughter earlier this week.

She now says via Instagram that she and Imaya are doing well.

"My little girl, you can hold on to me forever," she writes with a photo in which her daughter holds her finger. 

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Already a shot

Jamai Loman has had a kidney transplant and is part of the risk group.

The singer was therefore allowed to be vaccinated today and is very happy with that.

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Forever eighteen

Daniëlle Oerlemans may blow out 48 candles today, but she doesn't seem ready for it yet.

On Instagram she shares a photo where she turned the 4 so that it looks like a 1.

"Forever 18", she adds.

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Ali B warns young fans

After the incident with Bilal Wahib, who asked an underage boy to show his genitals in a live stream, Ali B calls on his fans never to heed such calls.

"If someone asks you this, even as a joke, report it directly to your parents," the rapper writes in his Instagram Stories.

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Second operation Ruud de Wild went well

Olcay Gulsen says on her Instagram Stories that the second operation of her friend Ruud de Wild went well.

Earlier this week it was announced that the radio DJ suffers from colon cancer and will therefore not be heard on the radio in the near future.

He had already had an operation, but not everything could be removed.

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Ferry Doedens steps into the day

Ferry Doedens takes a solid step forward.

"I enjoy the Wednesday," writes the actor.

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Another year together

Monica Geuze has had a great year.

She and her boyfriend Robbert are celebrating their one-year anniversary today.

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Olcay moved by reactions from followers 

Olcay Gulsen is not always happy with the reactions on social media, but she is on Wednesday.

While her friend Ruud de Wild is undergoing surgery, she reads all the statements of support with tears in her eyes.

He was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months ago.

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Hilary writes a children's book

A special day for Hilary Duff: the actress released her first children's book

My Little Brave Girl on



Duff has written three young adult books before, so she is not completely new to the writing profession.

For her new book she was inspired by her own experiences as a mother.

She always encourages her two-year-old daughter Banks to be brave.

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Ruud de Wild grateful for the support of friend

Olcay Gulsen supports her boyfriend Ruud de Wild during his fight against colon cancer and the radio DJ is very grateful to her for that.

De Wild says on Instagram that he feels "relaxed" thanks to Gulsen.

De Wild will undergo an operation on Wednesday.

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Linda Hakeboom endured surgery well

Documentary maker Linda Hakeboom underwent surgery on Tuesday at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam, specialized in cancer.

Hakeboom says on Instagram that she has passed the operation well.

Hakeboom was diagnosed with breast cancer in August last year.

6 minutes ago

Manon congratulates 'the nicest'

It will take exactly one year on Tuesday before Guus Meeuwis sees Abraham and that is why he is congratulated on Instagram by his fiancé Manon Meijers.

"It doesn't matter where we go. And where we are, it doesn't matter. As long as we're together, it doesn't matter. Congratulations, the nicest", the stylist writes.

5 hours ago

Olcay is going to take good care of

Ruud Ruud de Wild announced on NPO Radio 2 yesterday that he has colon cancer.

The disease was diagnosed with the DJ a few months ago.

He has already been operated on, but now has to go under the knife again.

His girlfriend Olcay Gulsen thanks her followers on Instagram for the support De Wild receives.

She promises to take good care of him and to keep her followers informed of his situation.

7 hours ago

Kim's greatest love

Kim Feenstra gave birth five months ago of her son Brooklyn and Instagram looks the model back.

"It goes so fast. Forever you are our greatest love, your father and I have become two different people, we have grown and we have different priorities and future ideals. And you achieved this in just five months. I love you. "

yesterday at 9:19 PM

Where Maan de Steenwinkel performed for fifteen hundred people on Sunday evening at the Back to Live pop festival in Biddinghuizen, she started working a day later with a few rolls of adhesive tape.

"Don't ask me why," the 23-year-old singer writes on Instagram.

"Something with a hangover and work avoidance behavior."

Maan is creative with adhesive tape

yesterday at 9:19 PM

yesterday at 12:26 PM

Donny Roelvink thinks his earlier music is superficial

Donny Roelvink does not look back with equal pride on the music he has released in recent years.

Dries Roelvink's son writes on Instagram that he now finds some songs "quite superficial".

He thinks this is because he was more impulsive at the time.

Roelvink has now found his own sound. 

"From now on you will only hear music with a mature sound, which you probably will not expect," he writes at the announcement of his new single

Little Boy

, which will be released on March 25.

yesterday at 6:19 AM

Giovanca's birthday

Giovanca can blow out 44 candles on Monday.

"My second lockdown birthday. I hope for better times, but we are still here", writes the singer and presenter.

Sunday at 3:50 PM

Barry Atsma commemorates deceased brother

Barry Atsma has paid tribute to his deceased brother Rimmert on Twitter.

The actor does this as part of World Down Syndrome Day.

Rimmert died in December at the age of 53 from the effects of the corona virus.

"Memories of our dear brother come by every day. I miss him so much, but his sweet, mischievous smile will be with me forever," he writes under a photo of him, Rimmert and sister Laura.

"He had a gift of purity that touched everyone. His infectious joy of really connecting with people was a wise lesson to me as his younger brother."

1/2 Everyday memories of our sweet brother pass by.

I miss him so much, but his sweet, naughty smile will be me with me forever.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day 🎉❤️ ... an extra good reason to remember the sweet, special genius Rimmert was ...


Avatar Author Barry Atsma Moment of Places 14: 20 - March 21, 2021

Sunday at 2:44 PM

Lana del Rey hints at new album

Lana del Rey seems to be coming with a new album soon, according to Instagram.

On Friday, the American singer released her latest album

Chemtrails Over The Country Club


The singer shares a photo on her Instagram that reads "ROCK CANDY SWEET, June 1".

In the reactions, fans immediately assume that it is a new album.

They therefore respond enthusiastically.

Saturday at 4:43 PM

Dennis Weening is shocked by double

Dennis Weening found out this weekend that he has a double.

"This weekend we fished nice carp with Klaas. Just kidding, I'm not! But Stella received this photo via dm and must say that I was a bit shocked myself", writes the radio DJ and presenter with a photo of a man who has a carp. holds.

"I often hear that I look like a brother, cousin or friend of someone, but with this one I thought for a moment that he was photoshopped. But nothing could be further from the truth. Somewhere in Belgium someone lives who looks quite like me with clearly different people. passions and a different haircut, but still. "

Saturday at 8:11 AM

Rico Verhoeven takes time for himself (and his car)

Kickboxer Rico Verhoeven takes a moment for himself on Saturday and washes his car.

Saturday at 8:11 AM

Friday at 6:33 PM

Beyoncé sends flowers to Taylor Swift

Beyoncé has sent a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note to Taylor Swift after both artists won a Grammy on Sunday night.

Swift shared photos of the gesture on her Instagram page.

"Taylor, congratulations on your Grammy. It was great seeing you on Sunday," Beyoncé writes.

"I want to thank you for your support. I wish you and your family a lot of love."

According to Swift, Beyoncé's bouquet made for "her best Friday ever".

Friday at 12:54 PM

More than 1.5 meters

Everyone now knows what approximately 1.5 meters looks like, but according to Irene Moors, Maik de Boer takes a very wide margin.

The presenter is visiting her good friend and jokes that she can barely understand him because of the distance.

The stylist can laugh about it.

Friday at 10:05 AM

The scrapbook of Leco

Leco van Zadelhoff does not believe in half the work: for years he kept a scrapbook of all the looks he created for his clients.

He shares his creations for Caroline Tensen on Instagram.

The scrapbook is still there, but now the stylist has made it all digitally.

Friday at 6:22 AM

Blowing out 36 candles It is

Yolanthe Cabau's birthday and immediately celebrates it with cake.

When the clock struck, the just 36-year-old presenter and actress already blew out candles.

Thursday at 9:57 PM

Chrissy Teigen hopes new tattoo is not Morse code

Chrissy Teigen got a new tattoo.

The model now has dots on her fingers.

"Please tell me it doesn't mean anything in Morse code. I just like the dots," she jokes on Instagram.

Thursday at 6:15 PM

Bibian Mentel no longer active on Instagram

Bibian Mentel will no longer post her own messages on Instagram.

Due to the metastatic cancer in her body, she is no longer able to write the messages herself.

"What love I have received recently. Thank you very much for your messages, cards and flowers", she tells her followers.

Mentel refers her followers to the Instagram page of her foundation, the Mentelity Foundation, to stay up to date with how she is doing.

Thursday at 2:09 PM

It's finally allowed again

After months, Patricia Paay pays another visit to her hairdresser Pieter.

The television personality not only gets coffee and cake, but is also spoiled with a haircut and paint job.

"My outgrowth had to be painted," Paay writes.

"It really couldn't be more."

Thursday at 5:53 AM

Praying hands

Martijn Koning has had

a lot to endure

since his roast from FVD leader Thierry Baudet in a broadcast from



The talk show and RTL distanced themselves from his statements, but Sander Schimmelpenninck encourages the comedian in his column in 

the Volkskrant


Koning is grateful, as can be seen from the praying hands he placed with the message.

Wednesday at 9:27 PM

Prince Charming

couple lives together

Marvin and Ferdi, who are together thanks to the Videoland series

Prince Charming

 , have recently started living together.

The two will let you know on social media on Wednesday


Marvin moved to Groningen from Tegelen in Limburg with his cat.

Wednesday at 9:00 PM

Fred promotes a cushion cover

Everyone now knows him as a stylist and presenter, but once Fred van Leer also worked as a model.

On Instagram, he shares a photo that was taken of him in front of a well-known department store.

"By the way, there was no more lip gloss in the jar, because everything was on our lips", the presenter jokes.

"By the way, we had also slipped out with the bronzing powder."

Wednesday at 6:32 AM

The three-legged dog

Kristen Bell introduces her dog Whiskey to her followers: the new occupant of the home of the actress and her husband Dax Shepard already feel completely at home.

The dog had an accident before he came to live with the actress and her husband.

In addition, he lost his right hind leg.

According to Bell, Whiskey doesn't seem to miss him.

Tuesday at 8:56 PM

Model Romee Strijd finally dares to share a photo of daughter

Three months after the birth of her daughter Mint, model Romee Strijd dares to show her first child with Laurens van Leeuwen to her followers on social media.

"I've been in doubt for a long time and don't know exactly why," the model said.

Mint is the fourth grandchild of presenter Bert van Leeuwen, the father of Laurens van Leeuwen.

Tuesday at 3:34 PM

Dionne Stax gets special pants

Dionne Stax is regularly called Dione de Graaff.

To avoid future confusion, the

DNA Unknown

presenter has found a solution: pants with her name sewn into it.

People just have to look down to see how her name is spelled.

"These pants will never take off," Stax writes on Instagram.

Tuesday, March 16 at 10:59 AM

A house of her own

A few years ago, Fien Vermeulen could never have imagined it, but now she is in her own home.

The newsreader is proud of her first home, but it also makes her emotional.

Eight years ago Vermeulen planned her own funeral, because she had cancer and the doctors thought she would not survive.

Years later making plans for the next thirty years does not leave her unaffected.

Tuesday, March 16 at 7:00 AM

Proud mother

Amanda Balk is proud of her daughter Vegas.

Today the girl is celebrating her ninth birthday and her mother reminisces about the past years.

In addition, she gives an insight into the growing up of the daughter she had with DJ Afrojack: Vegas already fits in her mother's clothes and now has the same shoe size.

Monday, March 15 at 8:39 PM

Nicole Kidman gives her sister Antonia a foot massage, as can be seen in a video she shares on Instagram.

“Does anyone ever do this for their sister?” The actress wonders.

"But I'm really not going to do this all day, you know."

Nicole spoils sister

Monday, March 15 at 3:59 PM

Marco happy with a million streams

Marco Borsato has achieved a million streams for his 'comeback single'

A moment

in almost a week


On Instagram, the singer thanks his regular lyricist John Ewbank and singer Rolf Sanchez with whom he made the song on Monday.

Last week Borsato released new music for the first time in almost a year and a half.

The artist was out of the running last year due to a burnout and his marriage to his wife Leontine also ended.

Monday, March 15 at 11:15 AM

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend dressed up at home for Grammys

Chrissy Teigen and multiple Grammy winner John Legend (this year he won his twelfth Grammy for his R&B album

Bigger Love

, ed.)


not matter that the presentation of the American music awards for the corona pandemic was online.

The couple has dressed up for the ceremony anyway.

Son Miles watches.

During the presentation of the Grammys in the night from Sunday to Monday (Dutch time), singers Beyoncé and Taylor Swift were the big winners.

Monday, March 15 at 6:22 AM

Nikkie de Jager has a

Wie is de Mol?


Nikkie de Jager has a tattoo as a reminder of the television program

Wie is de Mol?



De Jager took part in the program in 2020 and exposed Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte as a mole in the final. 

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