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The students in the first year of health studies in Toulouse intend to make their dissatisfaction and their situation heard on Saturday, in front of the entrance to the faculty of medicine, in Rangueil.

The student parents collective PASS / LAS 2020-2021 Toulouse calls for a demonstration at noon against the iniquity of the reform of health studies for the generation born in 2002.

For months, this collective has been alerting to the intolerable situation of 1st year students in health studies in France and especially in Toulouse.

Quotas denounced

Because in addition to suffering the consequences of the health crisis, 2021 is also that of the application of the reform of health studies.

The Paces program is over, it is now the Specific Health Access Path (Pass) and the Health Access License (LAS) that prevail to access the medical sectors: medicine, midwifery, odontology and pharmacy.

The Pass has a medical focus, the LAS favors another specialty.

And in both cases, in the event of failure of the competition, students can slip into L2 in their minor for some, their major for others, without losing a year of study.

On the other hand, there is no longer any question of repeating.

Students have been denouncing this reform for months and in particular demanding an increase in Numérus Apertus by 33%, i.e. 172 additional places in 2021 and 2022.


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