Kindness at work

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A benevolent atmosphere at work is established, among other things, by basic rules of politeness and courtesy.

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By: Emmanuelle Bastide

50 mins

How to ease tensions at work and create an atmosphere conducive to good humor and good relations with colleagues?




  • Christèle Albaret

    , social psychologist and coach, author of

    Et si on dares la benveillance au travail?

    When the brain gives you all the secrets to take action


    (Diateino editions)

  • Vincent Binetruy

    , France Director of the

    Top Employers Institute

At the end of the program, we find the

chronicle of Didier Acouetey, 

 president of the




This week, he tells us about business travel during the Covid era in Africa.

Multiple tests, reduced air traffic, health precautions and a gap between international standards and a continent generally spared by the pandemic.

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