After the "petition to make" explosive fire "make mountains and rivers", "Hao clothing line" "Zhang koan" equivalent type drama have been started; the influx of capital to make the actors more competitive

  two-man drama into the main flow machine, and half non starring Coban

  In 2019, "Chen Qing Ling" became popular, and the two leading actors Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo became top artists.

After "Chen Qing Ling", the development of the "Two Male Leads" drama series entered the fast lane, and news of related projects were filed and cast and filmed continued to spread.

In February of this year, the adaptation of Priest's novel "Tian Ya Ke" "Shanhe Ling" hit the air, kicking off the prelude of many "two male lead dramas" in 2021.

According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 8 "two male lead dramas" that have been broadcast and will be launched in 2021, and more than 6 have been filed and launched within the year.

A reporter from the Beijing News sorted out nearly 20 influential "two male lead dramas" and interviewed industry insiders such as producers and agents to find out whose original works are the most popular?

What are the casting criteria?


  Priest novels are the most popular

  Included in the statistics of the 19 "two male lead dramas" that have been broadcast, or to be broadcast, or filed for the record, many of them are the same as the previously broadcasted hot double male lead dramas-that is, the adaptation is based on The original novel is written by the same author.

For example: "Soul Soul" broadcast in 2018 is adapted from the novel of the same name by Priest, this year's double male lead drama "Shanhe Ling", "Slaying the Wolf" to be broadcast, and "Silent Reading" and "Mountain and River Table Inside" to be filmed. "Six Yaos" are all adapted from Priest novels; in 2019, "Chen Qing Ling" is adapted from the Moxiang copper smelly novel "The Master of the Demon Dao", and the original novel of "The Blessing of the Heavenly Officials" planned to be filmed in the second quarter of this year is also from the ink Incense copper smelly.

  In terms of the number of novel IP film and television, the author Priest is the most popular, 6 novels have been adapted; Wu Zhe has 3, in the second place, namely "Sa Ye" (the title "There is You on the Left Shoulder"), "Arrogant" (play Named "Summer and I Walk Together") and "Wolves Walk in Pairs"; there are 2 copies of Moxiang Bronze, ranking third.

In terms of subject matter, among the 19 "two male lead dramas", the ancient costume and modern themes are equally divided.

Lin Hong, who is in charge of copyright work at a certain film and television company, told the Beijing News reporter that the decision by the dramatist to launch a dual-male lead drama depends not only on the popularity of the novel itself, but also by the impact of the previous hits.

"Erha and His White Cat Shizun" (play title "Haoyi Xing") is a highly popular novel in Jinjiang Literature City, and the successive filming of Priest's novels is related to the popularity of "Shen Soul".

  Film and television companies have a long history of hoarding copyrights of online texts, but the original novels of the "two male lead dramas" belong to a niche culture, and there are certain risks in adapting them into film and television dramas. The early stage is not the goal of "IP sweeping".

It wasn't until 2016 that the low-cost web drama "Addiction" went out of the circle, which drove the market for similar novels to rise, and then the popularity of "Soul of the Soul" made the adaptation rights of the novels of authors such as Priest a sweet pastry.

"The demonstrative effect of explosive models is stronger than anything else. What's more, you don't need to spend a lot of money to find star actors for this kind of subject matter. There is no big loss if you don't succeed. Before the airing of "Love Order", the novels with a little fame in the circle of this kind of subject matter have already been'famous flowers have their own master'." said a producer.


  Sweet pet drama actor is also willing to act as a male partner

  The "Double Male Lead Drama" has a nickname in the industry called "Traffic Producer", which refers to the fact that by appearing in the "Double Male Lead Drama", a less well-known actor has a greater chance of becoming a top traffic star. .

Just as "Chen Qingling" made Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo two top performers; "Soul Soul" made Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong popular; "Addiction" also made the then newcomers Xu Weizhou and Huang Jingyu out of the circle.

  The Beijing News sorted out 13 "double male lead dramas" that have been broadcast and confirmed to star in, corresponding to 26 male actors.

The average age of them when they appeared in the double male main drama (or when the episode was broadcast) was about 28 years old, the oldest was 43 years old (Huang Xiaoming), and the youngest was 21 years old (Chen Feiyu, Fan Chengcheng).

Actors born in the 1990s are the main actors in the "Double Male Leading Drama", with 17 of them accounting for nearly 70%, and most of them are film and television newcomers.

The first-line celebrities who have become famous rarely take roles in the "two male lead drama", but Huang Xiaoming is an exception.

He and Yin Zheng's "The Sideburn Is Not a Begonia Red" has an in-depth exploration of the national quintessence of Peking Opera culture. Compared with other "double male lead dramas", it has played down the feelings between the two male protagonists.

  There are many male actors who appeared in the "double male lead drama" from the performance classes of professional colleges such as Zhongxi, Shanghai Opera, Nortel, etc. However, nearly half of the 26 double male lead drama actors were from non-acting subjects (11).

Among them, 7 are members of the music boy group or idols who have made their debut through music auditions, including Xiao Zhan (X Jiu Youth League), Wang Yibo (UNIQ), Fan Chengcheng (Lehua Seven Sons NEXT, NINE PERCENT), Bi Wen Jun (Lehua Seven Sons NEXT) and so on.

  The artist agent Mu Ping (pseudonym) pointed out to the Beijing News reporter that the idea of ​​"double male lead drama" is similar to that of idol development. In essence, whether it succeeds depends on whether fans buy it.

Idol artists from boy groups or talent shows have good looks, and they bring their own fan base. Finding them to star in the "two male lead drama" can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

"As for the problem of acting skills, there are many ways to adjust and remedy the problem of shooting and post-production. Moreover, idol artists will face the pressure of transformation. They are willing to devote time and energy to the characters after receiving potential explosions such as the'two male lead drama'. In other crews, it is difficult for them to compete with actors from major classes and get the opportunity to play the leading actor."

  After "The Soul of Town" and "Chen Qing Ling" became popular, the influx of capital made the behind-the-scenes production team of the "two male lead drama" more and more luxurious, and the artists participating in the role competition became more and more famous.

The Casting company where Xizi works is responsible for the casting of a certain "two male lead drama" this year.

Before the public casting, the two male lead actors of the play have been finalized, and the casting company is only responsible for the selection of supporting roles.

However, the supporting role is still fiercely competitive, and the major agencies have sent actors over, and some candidate actors have even acted as the male number one in the hit sweet pet drama.

"They are willing to surrender their status to compete for the male three and male four. Obviously they are betting that this drama may become a hit, and even supporting actors can benefit from it at that time."

  Written by/Beijing News reporter Yang Lianjie