The "No Covid" initiative issued a statement calling on the federal government to act after the withdrawal of the Corona Easter break.

"Which steps should be taken instead to bring the infection process under control remained open," the initiative announced on Thursday.

"There is neither a defined goal nor a clear strategy to combat the pandemic".

In addition, measures such as corona tests, contact tracking and vaccinations have "not been used effectively", so that the country is "heading into a third, all projections very violent, pandemic wave".

In order to reduce the number of infections, economic, public and private life in Germany should actually be shut down from Maundy Thursday up to and including Easter Monday.

After the Easter break was suddenly canceled shortly afterwards, it is not clear in some federal states whether the contact rules of the emergency brake apply over the holidays.

“Against this background, we urgently recommend a change of course towards a strategy of low incidence,” demanded the initiative in the statement.

The aim should therefore be to reduce the R-value below one and keep it there, "because this is the only way to offer a sustainable and structured opening perspective".

According to the RKI management report on Wednesday evening, the nationwide seven-day R-value was 1.00 (previous day 1.04).


The UK has also secured preferential treatment from vaccine maker AstraZeneca, according to UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Looking at the dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca over reduced delivery volumes, Hancock told the Financial Times on Thursday: “Our contract trumps them.

This is called contract law and is clear. ”The EU has a contract that only guarantees“ best efforts ”on the part of the vaccine manufacturer, while London has stipulated exclusivity.


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