While Joo Dan-tae (played by Um Gi-jun) of'Penthouse 2'is causing viewers' anger by committing a ruthless evil deed, Um Gi-jun's SNS, which prevents excessive immersion in the drama, attracted attention.

In the 10th episode of the SBS drama ``Penthouse 2,'' Joo Dan-tae committed violent acts against his wife, Cheon Seo-jin (played by Kim So-yeon). The reaction followed.

Viewers later said, "Prevention of excessive immersion in the penthouse... Please go to see actor Um Gyeon, who cares for the skin."

Looking at the Instagram of Um Gi-jun, it was completely different from Ju Dan-tae, the villain of the era in the play.

On the 22nd, I uploaded a picture taken with Jaeyoon Cho and Gwanggyu Kim, who appeared in'Penthouse 2', saying, "It is a very happy thing to act with a good person."

Earlier, in November of last year, when season 1 of'Penthouse' was aired, he left a post saying, "I'm not that bad person~~ㅎ".

In addition, the broadcast scene in which Eom Gi-jun appeared in the past also attracted attention.In an entertainment program, he put on a life vest to his colleague Han Chae-young and took off his sunglasses to use instead of a mirror.

In addition, in order to forget the afterimage of Joo Dan-tae, who is doing evil in the drama, viewers who look at the past photos of Eom Gi-jun, who are as warm as idols, appeared again.

As a result, netizens said, "Let's not forget. Penthouse actors go home after acting", "The fact that there are a lot of overactive viewers means that the actors have excellent acting skills", "Because the body is too contradictory to the penthouse character, it permeates the strict standards. ..." and so on.

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