It was newly confirmed that 150 people were infected with the mutated coronavirus that has spread in the United Kingdom and South Africa in the week leading up to the 23rd.

It has increased by nearly 20% from the previous week.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as a result of extracting samples from some newly infected persons and analyzing genes, a total of 150 people in 12 prefectures in the week until the 23rd have spread in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil. It was confirmed that he was infected with a mutant virus.

That's 22 more than the number confirmed last week, or 17% higher.

▽ Hyogo prefecture has the largest number of 67 people,

followed by

▽ Osaka prefecture with 33 people

▽ Chiba prefecture with 19 people

▽ Shizuoka prefecture with 10 people

▽ Gifu prefecture with 5 people

▽ Tokyo and Okayama prefecture with 4 people each

▽ Hiroshima prefecture with 3



▽ 2 people in Kanagawa prefecture ▽

1 person each in Tochigi prefecture, Saitama prefecture, and Kagawa prefecture.

So far, infection of the mutant virus in the country is in a total of 549 people had been confirmed,

the ▽ 501 people United Kingdom

▽ 35 people in Brazil

is virus ▽ 13 people that have been reported in South Africa,

that has been detected, respectively That is.

In order to strengthen the monitoring system, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to raise the current target of 5% to 10% for checking whether newly infected persons are infected with the mutant virus to about 40%.

Number of infected people by prefecture

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the following people have been confirmed to be infected with the mutant virus.

The number in parentheses is the number confirmed from the 17th to the 23rd.

▽ Hokkaido 13 people

▽ Fukushima prefecture 5 people

▽ Ibaraki prefecture 1 person

▽ Tochigi prefecture 2 people (1 person)

▽ Gunma prefecture 3 people

▽ Saitama prefecture 58 people (1 person)

▽ Chiba prefecture 20 people (

1 person)

19 people)

▽ Tokyo 18 people (4 people)

▽ Kanagawa prefecture 30 people (2 people)

▽ Niigata prefecture 32 people

▽ Ishikawa prefecture 1 person

▽ Yamanashi prefecture 2 people

▽ Nagano prefecture 1 person

▽ Gifu prefecture 9 people (5 people)

▽ Shizuoka prefecture 17 people (10 people)

▽ Shizuoka prefecture 2 people

▽ Kyoto prefecture 24 people

▽ Osaka prefecture 105 people (33 people)

▽ Hyogo prefecture 161 people (67 people)

▽ Okayama prefecture has 7 people (4 people)

▽ Hiroshima prefecture has 15 people (3 people)

▽ Tokushima prefecture has 9 people

▽ Kagawa prefecture has 2 people (1 person)

▽ Ehime prefecture has 6 people

▽ Kagoshima prefecture has 5 people

▽ Okinawa prefecture Is one person

Many children under the age of 10 are infected in a wide range of ages

In Japan, a wide range of age groups, including children, are infected with the mutant virus.

For persons infected 405 people of the mutant virus to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has been confirmed so far this month 16 days, was examined the age,

▽ most common of the 67 people in their 40s, but was 17% in the rate,

▽ next The majority were 59 children under the age of 10, 15% of the

total, and 48 teens, 12%.

Teens and younger make up about a quarter of the total.

In other age



▽ 20 units are 35 people, 9%

▽ 30s are 54 people and 13%

▽ 50s are 45 people and 11%

▽ 60s are 25 people and 6%

▽ 70s are 27 people 7%

▽ There are 35 people in their 80s and over, which is 9%.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, in the opinion of a British expert meeting, the mutant virus is not more susceptible to infection in children than adults, and it is reported that it can be transmitted at any age. is.

Outbreaks involving children

In Japan, outbreaks of mutant viruses involving children are also occurring.

In Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, a cluster occurred this month at an after-school children's association attended by elementary school students, and by the 23rd, 33 people, including children and staff, had been confirmed to be infected.

All are believed to have been infected with a mutant virus that spreads in the United Kingdom.

Both were mild or asymptomatic, and the elementary school where the children's association was established was temporarily closed.

In February, an outbreak of the mutant virus was revealed at a children's facility in Saitama Prefecture, and 20 people including children and staff have been confirmed to be infected.