Yunnan flower prices are rising all the way

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Huang Yu) With the advent of spring, more and more consumers are buying flower products.

In Yunnan, the price of fresh flowers on the trading market continues to rise.

  "The prices of some fresh flower varieties hit new highs." Dong Rui, the public relations director of Yunnan Dounan Flower Industry Group, said that the prices of flowers including roses and carnations are showing a general rise, and the price of carnations has increased significantly.

In the past, the price of carnations ranged from 0.8 yuan to 1 yuan. Recently, the price of carnations has risen to 3.9 yuan per branch.

At the same time, the recent daily transaction volume of Dounan Flower Market is 20 million sticks, which is more than 5 million sticks higher than usual.

  "The demand for flowers on various holidays has increased, leading to price increases. Before each holiday, florists need to stock up in advance, usually 15 days before the holiday." Dong Rui said that in order to provide consumers with the freshest flowers, many flowers The Chamber of Commerce received the goods before the holidays, but due to the large demand, the output could not be recovered in time, resulting in a shortage of flowers and increasing prices.

  On March 12, the seller Deng Dongju in the rose trading area of ​​Dounan Flower Market in Kunming was chatting with reporters, and swiftly took apart a bundle of roses from the wholesale, and cut off the uneven branches with a guillotine, 20 stems. Tie into a handful and put it into a paper bag.

She came to the market at 11 o'clock in the morning. After 16 o'clock, all 50 bundles of roses were sold out.

  "It has been rising since March 8th. Originally, 20 roses were only sold for more than 20 yuan, but now 20 roses are sold for 70 or 80 yuan." Deng Dongju said, "The most expensive ones are still roses, and eustoma is not the same in general. It's cheap, a small handful of more than 10 yuan, only two or three sticks."

  The reporter visited and learned that some sellers began to stock up after the Chinese New Year. However, due to the rising prices, the sellers said that there were not many stocks this year because the price was too high.

  Deng Yujuan, general manager of the Member Center of Kunming International Flower Auction and Trading Center, said that in 2020, as the main flower producing area in the country, due to the epidemic, flower farmers in Yunnan have experienced the "dreary" situation of thousands of roses rotting in the fields, and many farmers have begun to reduce their roses. Planting amount.

  "Last year's volatile market disrupted many growers' time spent on festivals." Deng Yujuan said that Yunnan has more medium-sized flower bases, and operators prefer to supply them on an annual basis. Many roses have been cleared in mid-February. Pile, that is, cut off the roots of the rose branches, re-germinate, and unify the growth time of the flowers.

During Valentine's Day and March 8th, the flowers in the field were almost sold before, which caused a supply gap and caused market prices to soar.