The rise in Covid-19 cases no longer spares Occitania.



Eric Dessons / JDD / Sipa

  • Long stable, the health situation in Occitania has recently and suddenly deteriorated.

  • The east of the region, the Gard in the lead, remains more affected overall than the west.

  • The situation in nursing homes is improving thanks to the extension of vaccination according to the Regional Health Authority (ARS).

The situation in Occitania is "worrying" on the Covid-19 front.

This is the observation made this Tuesday by Pierre Ricordeau, the director of the regional health agency (ARS).

Of course, on March 23, the figures are not the same as in Ile-de-France or the reconfigured Hauts-de-France, where the "incidence rate exceeds 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, or even 500 or 600 in some departments ”.

But the regional manager notes a "clear, rapid and even brutal deterioration" on the Occitan front, relatively spared until now, and therefore capable of receiving patients from other much more affected areas.

The plateau, relatively stable since the beginning of February (around 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) has turned into "extremely rapid deterioration in recent days", with an incidence rate of around 180, or "1,200 patients identified per week" .

The positivity rate has climbed one point since early February.

The Gers is resisting

With the latency time between new cases and hospitalizations (about two weeks), the ARS expects “a significant increase from a high level, knowing that the decline in the number of hospitalizations has stopped.


Of course, this global figure hides geographic disparities.

The situation is generally more tense in the east than in the west.

Gard has an incidence rate of over 250, while Hérault, Lozère and Tarn-et-Garonne exceed 200. Only Gers remains below 100.

“But the trend is towards general degradation,” observes Pierre Ricordeau.

Three weeks ago, three departments out of 13 saw their incidence rate increase.

Today, they are all in this situation.

And all age groups are affected.

Even those over 65 see their curve gain altitude.

The sunshine comes from nursing homes, of which 92% of residents were entitled to at least a first injection of vaccine, against 10% for the entire Occitan population, and where the number of cases is dropping sharply.

"The way out of the epidemic is through the acceleration of vaccination," continues the director of the ARS.

It's hard, it's long, but it's not dead end.


The issue of resuscitation beds

While waiting to see the end of the tunnel, we must therefore grit our teeth and count the resuscitation beds, occupied "around 85 to 86% over the entire region".

"More than 40% are mobilized for Covid patients", specifies Pierre Ricordeau, according to which containment measures in Occitania are not yet topical, even in the Gard.

Mistrust, however.

As in football, everything goes very quickly with the Covid-19.


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