Kaoutar and his daughter Nour form one of the pairs of the fourteenth season of Beijing Express.


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  • The fifth episode of

    Beijing Express

    , broadcast Tuesday on M6, ended with the elimination of the pair made up of Kaoutar and his daughter Nour.

  • The two women won the first two stages in Uganda before filming was suspended due to the health crisis.

  • "To the physical and moral difficulties were added the difficulty of the country and the conditions", deplore the two women who explain having suffered from racism during their passage in Greece.

They were two serious competitors with very endearing personalities.

Kaoutar and Nour won the first two stages of this fourteenth season of

Beijing Express

in Uganda, two amulets worth 10,000 euros each.

Unfortunately, when the race resumed in Greece, after an interruption in filming due to the health crisis, the mother-daughter pair had a series of disappointments.

Barely saved during the non-eliminatory stage 4, the two Essonniennes bowed in the final duel of the fifth program broadcast this Tuesday on M6.


20 Minutes

Kaoutar and Nour review the painful conditions in which, in the midst of mourning for their father and grandfather, they resumed the race.

Between Uganda and Greece, luck seems to have left you.

The interruption of the shooting cut you in your dynamics?


I think luck was gone when my father left too, you can put it that way.

We wondered a lot whether we should go back or not.

There were only ten days between the day of departure and the day of my daddy's funeral.

We decided to return to the adventure to pay tribute to him, it was important for us to be able to continue talking about him.


He was so proud that we were doing the show.

K .:

And then we arrived in the middle of Covid and while Greece was in conflict with Turkey, so people were afraid.

To the physical and moral difficulties were added the difficulty of the country and the conditions.

We saw a very strong sequence during which you give a belly dance class to a man who reminded you of your father and grandfather.

Is it the highlight of your adventure?


The moment with the children at school in Uganda also marked me, but with this man it was the most moving moment.


We had a lot of difficulty finding accommodation that evening.

At first, this couple was scared, he was 84 and his wife 82, so they were at risk.

The fact of accepting to welcome us and to let us spend the night with them, even if it was only in their garden, it is a lot for us.

All the more knowing our effect in the country.

We can say that there was a lot of racism in relation to us.


The family we stayed with told us that the Greeks, at the moment, because of the Greco-Turkish conflict, had a problem with everything Maghreb and Arab.

We received a lot of insults, remarks, reproaches.

We were threatened to call the police on several occasions.

You have chosen to give your amulets to Jonathan and Aurora.

From what has been shown in the previous episodes, however, you did not seem particularly close to this couple ...

K .: 

We gave them our amulets because during a stopover in Uganda, when they had won immunity, they kindly gave us their car because we were in possession of the black flag [which penalizes a pair by demoting it one place at the finish].

Since they had made this gesture, we thought that we would make a gesture towards them to express our gratitude.

We only have one word.

We know how to recognize the kindness of people.

And then Aurore has this discomfort of not having a child.

We spoke with her a lot.

I thought that maybe it was also a support… We liked them a lot, their way of being, their personality, their naturalness.

Has your participation changed your mother / daughter relationship?


She brought something more, but she didn't change it.

We love each other so much.

Nour is my baby, my daughter, my big one.

I am happy to have shared this adventure with her, which perhaps opened our eyes to a lot of things.

N .: 

I knew my mother was very strong mentally, but I discovered her to be combative.

She was impressive.

At one point, she injured herself while falling and despite everything she continued to fight on the next stage.

It is very revealing of the personalities.

We surpass ourselves.


I was already proud of my daughter.

I still am.

I realized that she grew up, and that she is becoming a woman.

She's a fighter, a true copy of me (laughs).


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