Early-blooming daffodils are in full bloom at the park in Manno Town, Kagawa Prefecture.

About 200,000 narcissus of 70 varieties are planted in the "Hiryu no Hanamichi" in the national Sanuki Mannou Park in Manno Town, Kagawa Prefecture, and the early blooming varieties are in full bloom.

The daffodils in the park are in full bloom about a week earlier than usual, so the gorgeous yellow flowers and double-flowered flowers such as white frills are in bloom under the sunlight through the trees.

The cherry blossoms of the Cerasus spachiana variety near the daffodils were almost in full bloom, and the visitors enjoyed the arrival of spring while taking pictures and taking a walk.

Yurika Takahashi of Sanuki Mannou Park, a national government, said, "We are refraining from seeing cherry blossoms in large numbers, but we hope that you will enjoy walking with your family and friends. Enjoy the difference in the way they bloom and the scent of flowers. Please come to. "

You can enjoy the daffodils in Sanuki Mannou Park all this month.