It is known that PD Na Young-seok received an annual salary of over 1.2 billion won last year.

According to a business report published by CJ ENM on the 22nd, PD Na Young-seok received a salary of 288 million won last year, a bonus of 940 million won, and a total of 1.29 billion won. Head of headquarters Lee Myung-han received a total of 1.43 billion won with a salary of 317 million won and a bonus of 1.12 billion won.

CJ ENM said, "We have reflected the performance of content production based on metrics such as sales of business divisions, operating profit indicators, viewership ratings, topicality, and content sales."

Na Young-suk, who became a star PD by directing '1 Night 2 Days' while working at KBS, moved to CJ ENM in 2013 and then moved to CJ ENM. 'Series, etc. were succeeded one after another. Last year, he directed'New Seo Yugi 7 and 8','Friday Friday Night' and'Summer Vacation'. Currently,'Yoon Stay' is airing.

Previously, PD Na is known to have received an annual salary of 3.75 billion won in 2018, and it has attracted attention with a large annual salary.

Meanwhile, CJ Group Vice Chairman Lee Mi-kyung received a total of 2,876 billion won last year, CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun received 2,862 billion won, Huh Min-ho, CEO of the commerce division, was 1.27 billion won, and Heo Min-hoe, CEO, was 1. Appeared to have been received.

[Photo courtesy = tvN]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)