Line 1 of the Nice tramway will continue to Drap -


As 20 Minutes revealed last Tuesday, the opening up of several municipalities in the Paillon valley and the Ariane district to the east of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), will be done by tram.

Christian Estrosi confirmed this on Monday in the presence of the mayors concerned, specifying that part of this new line 5 will be built "underground", for an overall budget of 340 million euros.

The site will be divided into three phases, for the creation of six kilometers of tracks.

The first two, between Pont-Michel and Ariane and Ariane à la Trinité, will be on the surface.

"But the third, to link La Trinité to Drap, in an extremely complex urban fabric, will be underground for 150 million euros", announced the mayor and president of the LR Nice Côte d'Azur metropolis.

The construction of line 4 in parallel

That is 1.5 km and 25% of the route for almost half of the total budget of the project, for which the mayor is hoping for funding, particularly national and European.

A similar choice for the construction of line 2 connecting Nice from east to west had aroused strong criticism from the opposition, in particular on the increase in costs.

The metropolis will also have to finance at the same time a tram line 4, which will link Nice to Cagnes-sur-Mer for more than 240 million euros.

This choice, which has yet to be submitted to the approval of the Metropolitan Council, has been preferred to those of a tram-train and a High Service Level Bus (BRT) in the light of new studies and after the successive announcement of several options.

In 2018, Christian Estrosi announced the creation of a BRT line.

Before abandoning this route for a tram-train system, in 2019. The tram track, which the elected official had ruled out in 2008, when he came to power, finally returned to the fore in June 2020, as he explained to

20 Minutes


Works between 2024 and 2028

“His decision is presented to us as final.

I want to believe it ", reacted the former elected socialist Patrick Allemand, at the head of the" Collective for the extension of line 1 of the tramway to the Ariane and La Trinité ".

This line "will profoundly change the life of the Arianencs and put an end to this territorial segregation which had become unbearable over time", according to him.

A public consultation must now open in the course of the summer, for the start of work in 2024. The first phase of the project would be inaugurated "at the end of 2025 or the beginning of 2026", promises Christian Estrosi.

And the final connection to Drap would arrive in 2028.


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