As new data appear, the controversial rescue of the airline Plus Ultra is more indefensible, which

will become the beneficiary of the largest package of state aid

, despite its insignificant weight in the sector, since in 2019 it represented only 0, 03% of the total flights operated in Spain. It is not surprising that Ryanair, which operated 300,000 flights that year, compared to 823 for Plus Ultra, is studying taking the case to the European courts for discrimination


And for granting economic privileges with the money of all Spaniards to

a company related to the most sinister characters of the Venezuelan dictatorship

.But not only.

As we publish today, the main beneficiaries of these funds will be two shareholders of the company,

Rodolfo Reyes and Raif El Arigie, listed as administrators of 12 companies in Panama

, a country considered a tax haven by the European authorities in a decision supported last February by Spain through

Nadia calviño


The vice president herself announced that no aid would be granted to companies operating in tax havens.

But once again, this government has done the opposite of what it promised.

There is still time to rectify and

not giving away 53 million to a company with direct ties to Chavismo and the Panamanian tax haven


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