Anne Frank video diary


will be continued.

Producer Every Media is working on a five-part series about how the Jewish teenage girl and her family fared after their arrest.

The series should be available on the Anne Frank House's YouTube channel from next summer, the organization reports Monday.

The five new episodes will be subtitled in Dutch, German, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The follow-up series tells what happened to Anne Frank when she was deported to Germany via Westerbork.

The book

After the Secret Annex

by Bas von Benda-Beckmann formed the basis

for this part of her life story


The historian has described the last part of Anne's life on the basis of historical research and witness statements.

Part of the recordings of the follow-up series took place in Drenthe last weekend.

The first series, which covered the period in hiding that Anne described in her book

The Secret Annex

, garnered a lot of praise last year and won international prizes.

Anne Frank's story has been filmed in such a way that it seems as if she made vlogs for YouTube about her stay in the Secret Annex with a modern camera.

The leading role in the video diary is played by 15-year-old Luna Cruz Perez.

The first series won a number of Lovie Awards, the most important internet awards in Europe.

The fifteen-part series has also been adapted into a television series.

This can be seen at NPO Zapp from 28 March.


'Anne Frank' vlogs in new YouTube series